Kooba's True Classic

  1. Do you think it's bound to be the Sienna? Do you think there is another bag that is as big as the Sienna and will there ever be?

    In my opinion, The only other second place would be the Marcelle Maybe but that is still 2 years old. No IT bags in the last 2 years?

    I'm thinking the Elisha may prove to be a big hit (especially Red). Maybe my bag will be worth 1000 bucks in 10 years! LOL But I don't think it touches the Sienna yet. Here it is years later and the Sienna is still on Kooba.com selling for full price. I think this only applies to the Smoother leathered ones. The Heavy pebbled ones of this last Fall and the embossed ones just aren't as coveted.
  2. Let's face it, it was the Sienna that really launched the popularity of Kooba and not because of Sienna Miller (though she obviously didn't hurt), but because it's such a great bag, the fact that it's been around for several seasons and we still want it, proves it's not just some silly "it" bag (man, I hate that term..)

    If Kooba relaunched Sienna with the smooth leather in lots of new colours, we would still go crazy over it. (I really disliked the way they ruined it with that silly floral embossing..)
  3. I definitely agree. C'mon Kooba, give us some smooth leather Siennas in some fresh colors! I don't doubt that the Sienna will be popular for years to come.
  4. I like the Marcelle
  5. I love:heart: the Marcelle, but if we're talking a bag you instantly connect to Kooba, I think the Sienna has to be it...
  6. I agree with maggie7 that the Sienna launched the popularity of Kooba, but disagree that it wasn't because of Sienna Miller. Consider the popular Bulga bag (the name of the bag I have no idea), as seen on the arm of Jessica Simpson, et al., and the Allison Burns Faithfull, as seen on the arm of Cameron Diaz at the premiere of Shrek 2, and on Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    I would argue that all three 'indie' designers (as I call them) became popular because of their celebrity endorsements. The Faithfull is still being knocked off in every conceivable configuration by Aldo (I've got a Canadian perspective, here!) and other retail stores.

    Definitely the Sienna is the classic Kooba bag (although I actually prefer and have the smaller version, the Scarlett, in cream!).

    : )
  7. You're right, QueenO, it was Sienna Miller who opened our eyes to it, what I meant to say (and didn't articulate very well) was that it stayed popular long after SM had moved on to different bags (and brands), because it really is a great bag:smile: (you're lucky you've got a Scarlett, that's one I hardly ever see anymore)
  8. Was the Sienna the first bag that they started making "little Sister's" of (the Scarlett)? It was pure genius in this case. The 2 bags make the bag come full circle and adapts to all carrying needs.

    Oh NO...what am I thinking. They made the Alex & the Danielle before that. And the Brooklyn & the Tatum.
    I am very happy about the Carla & the Maria because I would never have bought the Carla but the Maria is just right.
  9. I actually like the smaller bags they make, like the Jessie, Frankie and Maria. They never end up being a bottomless pit, no mining hat needed to find my stuff.

    Would you believe I have never seen a Sienna in real life?
  10. I totally agree, maggie7 - and thanks for the bag love!

    : D
  11. I sold my Ada so I could buy my Jillian. I prefer a medium sized bag. I would love maybe one more inch in a couple of these but I'd rather this than have to go deep bag diving.

    Oh No Michelle. Never seen a Sienna? Have you seen a Scarlett? You need to see one in a smooth leather and then you'll want one...I think.

    I know not everyone must love the Sienna but it is an awesome bag (in the right leather).
  12. I fell in love with the Sienna for its looks. I've still never seen any pictures of this bag carried by Sienna Miller. That actually might detract from my liking of the bag. :p

    It's funny, because I came across the Sienna on Bag, Borrow or Steal when I was just looking through the site for purses that were currently popular, since I'm kinda clueless as to trends. That's where I laid eyes on it first. Had never heard the name. Then I did some research and found my way to TPF! I own 4 Koobas. Believe it or not, the Sienna, which is the first one I ever bought, is the one I've used least. I think I've carried it once. Well, that and the Chiara. I use the Carla everyday. And it's the one I thought I would like the least. How odd.

    I *do* feel a little bit that this bag is a little passe. To me it looks really cowgirl-ish. Meh. Maybe I just shouldn't have got it in orange. LOL.
  13. Yep...the orange was definitely NOT my favorite color for the Sienna. It's a little cowgirl-ish but not as bad as The Mia or Sarah. These bags inspire me to sing the song RAWHIDE as I type.:rolleyes:
  14. Think I like the Carla because of the longer strap, I'm getting sick of having bags ending in my armpit, I'm 6' tall, not sure it looks right...

    And I totally loved the Sienna before I knew anything about the bag whatsoever, the funny thing is, just walked into my wardrobe and the LV BH was sitting there next to my new Sienna (I'm about to reorganize a bit..) and the shape is virtually the same, look:


    For some strange reason that pleased me, does it show it's the style I'm after and not the label?:p (sorry, have to admit that is not the case...if that had been true, I would have spent $50 (or less) on any bag out there, as they all copy this style...) But I think Kooba had it before LV..