Kooba's Terrible Customer Service

  1. Has anyone else had a bad experience with Kooba's customer service? I have a Kooba bag that I bought on Kooba.com and carried about 4 times before one of the pocket grommets came off. I filled out the contact form on the site, requested a repair and included my order number. I got this response:

    Dear Kooba Online Customer,
    Thanks for contacting us!
    Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or repairs that were not purchased directly from our website. We recommend contacting the original store it was purchased from and inquiring about their exchange policy...

    First off, I DID purchase it on the site, and I included THEIR ORDER NUMBER! Secondly, even if I bought it elsewhere, they should still be responsible for the quality of their product. Thirdly, no apology, no "We're so sorry that you're having trouble with your bag."

    I called their phone number and was just as frustrated. Their customer service is managed by another company -- One Stop E-Commerce -- and they are not terribly useful. Instead of just arranging the repair, they said they would have to contact the corporate office and it would take a WEEK before they could get back to me to let me know IF they would repair the bag. After another week, they arranged to have the bag repaired but it will take another 6 weeks, basically a total of about 2 months from when I first contacted them. I find this completely unacceptable. I have 3 other Kooba bags but will never purchase another one after this experience.

    I have had more acceptable customer service on $20 items from Target than this supposedly $600 item. My warning -- stay away from Kooba. They do not stand behind their products.
  2. Sorry you had such bad service from their website!

    I had just the opposite experience when purchasing an Elisha from them just a month ago though. I ordered online a red Elisha and when I received it, it looked as though it had been worn already, as it was scuffed up considerably and dirty in some areas. I asked for a Return Authorization Number by email then called customer service. The person I spoke to was very helpful, and actually went to their "warehouse" while I was on the phone with them to set aside another Elisha that was more suitable to exchange when they received my returned merchandise. I had my new bag in about a week with no troubles.

    Sorry about your troubles with them, bad customer service is never good to deal with!!
  3. I'm afraid Kooba's customer service is notoriously bad!:sad: I think this together with the awful collections they have presented us with recently will be their downfall..when you pay $500-$600 for a bag, you expect a bit more back-up when something goes wrong than Kooba has ever been willing to give...

    To be honest, I don't see the difference in buying the bag in a store or at their website, they should still be responsible for their product...
  4. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad time w/ CS. They are known for pretty awful CS though. It is not an excuse, but kind of it is what it is. It's really not good, considering the price charged. I hope someone gets back w/ you. If you are really upset to the point where you aren't happy with the bag, there is always return policy...
  5. CMF.......got the same generic email from Kooba.........all I was looking for was to PAY for a stud repair on my black Lucy.......wasn't looking for a freebie but they wouldn't even take the time to help....totally disgusted......:cursing:

  6. Maybe they won't need a Customer Service department for much longer... I don't see their new bags flying off the shelves in a hurry.

    I agree that Kooba's Customer Service is awful and that is one of the reasons why I would never buy a Kooba bag at full retail price. If I pay full price, I expect top customer service.
  7. It's weird they had that reaction. It totally sucks that's for sure. I hope they will make it right if you explain to them the situation perhaps again?

    The one time I dealt with them, they were pretty accomadating. As soon as I proved it as a real kooba of course. I guess the problem could be they are very touchy with accepting returns outside of their vendors or online because of all the "extracurricular" selling sites, not to mention fakes.
  8. After many calls and emails, they finally picked up the bag for repair. Weeks later, I got the bag back. However, they had put the strap/buckle on the pocket, via the new grommet, BACKWARDS!!! I am so disgusted. I have no idea how they could not have noticed it. It's totally obvious. I am not waiting to hear their response to this one.

  9. OMG, that is awful. I am so sorry this has happened to you. What style of bag is it? What terrible customer service.
  10. Yikes!! Yes I like to find Kooba's on eBay-at least I know that I did not pay full retail and worry about not getting service that I paid full price for! Although after a few calls & emails they did mail me a replacement zipper pull...maybe this was an amazing one-time event! I think that everyone who has bad experiences should either write a letter or email to a manager's attention-it doesn't help to just vent here, then maybe that would help them to open their eyes!
  11. Did you put it on a credit card? If I had, I would completely deny the charges. I've had a lot of stuff that I had problems with when the companies wouldn't offer the service they should. It varies widely from bank to bank, but my old bank in NC was EXCELLENT about handling these disputes - as, I've heard, is AmEx.
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience, CMF... :tdown:

    Unfortunately, there have been many stories of Kooba's lack of customer service. It certainly is what it is, but that is NOT how it should be. Poor customer service on top of the iffy new bag collections is a recipe for disaster. If they continue with their ways, it won't be long until we see the Kooba brand bought out, made cheaper, and sold at Kohl's.

    So sad, but so true. :cry:
  13. Thanks for the responses. I already paid the credit card bill, so disputing the charge is not an option. I have called and emailed them several times now and am waiting for a response. This is so frustrating!
  14. That sucks :tdown: I would expect first class service... so sorry you are going through this!
  15. I agree, Kooba's customer service sucks. I called them about a broken button on a taupe python Natasha I sold on eBay. She opened the box, pulled out the bag, undid the button to convert it to a hobo and the button broke in half. I called Kooba to try and get another button. I had purchased the bag on sale plus a checkout discount code from Adasa. They gave me the same spiel, call the store where you got it. So, I did, and they replaced it immediately. By that time, I had received the bag back from my customer so overnighted her the exchange. Then, I had a black Marcelle that had a broken side pocket lace. Wanted to send it to them to have fixed and they practically hung up on me. So, I ended up taking it to a shoe repair guy who fixed it. Looked great. I still have that bag and will keep it forever. I've just found that not only are they non-helpful, they are downright nasty. Where other bag brands like Treesje, Bulga and Gucci are helpful, even send you free replacement dust bags.