Koobas on sale at Revolve

  1. I've been eyeing the Koobas on Revolve Clothing for some time, wondering when they would go on sale like other sites have done. Now is the time! Get them before they are gone! Sloane, Ginger, Carla, Lena and others.

    Remember the additional 30% off for first-time buyers!
  2. 30% off doesn't apply to Kooba :cursing: I wanted to order a pair of Paige and Kooba bag, but was told that they aren't available with the 30% off discount.
  3. has the site crashed??
  4. I bought my Kooba Elisha from Revolve two weeks ago and I was able to use the first time 30% off. So it works!!:yahoo:
  5. Omg! It totally worked! I got a Sloane for $236!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yup, I was able to get 30% off my Kooba Ginger.
  7. Darnit! I just bought a Bulga earlier this week so I can't get the 30% off for the Kooba. :crybaby:

    Does anyone know a coupon close to this amount that I can use? Do I hear 25% anyone? :graucho:
  8. Is Revolve known to be legit and sell authentic bags?
    There's this Kooba one that I want too, what's the code for first time users? Is it revolve07?


    ^ jadejett how long did it take for the bag to arrive to you? Did you have to pay taxes??
  9. If anyone is looking for the Kooba Kelsey, which is not on sale, it IS on SALE at www.karizmaboutique.com.
    [​IMG][​IMG] $478.
  10. I haven't received it yet. It's gonna take a couple of weeks since I live in Canada. No tax.

  11. AT LAST!!! A deal and steal that ships! Hurrah!
  12. I called Revolve because I did not receive a code via email, and she said Koobas were excluded but I still bought 2 bags because they were on sale.
  13. ^ you mean ALL Koobas are excluded or just the NEW Koobas?
  14. Thanks so much for this scoop on the 30% off. I got a Kooba Josie for just about $200 :smile: Can't wait until it gets here.

    thanks again.