Koobas On Sale Anywhere?

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  1. We drew names within our family for xmas gifts. I drew my sister-in-law and she loves Kooba handbags. Any ideas where to go for a deal? Thanks.
  2. Try Karizma Boutique. They had some on sale in the spring colors. Then, after you order, type in the words "instyle06" for an extra 25% off. :yahoo:
  3. Saks had tons on sale yesterday when i was in.
  4. Oh, my...you have a very lucky sister-in-law! Almost all of the larger websites seems to have Koobas on sale. There's Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman...along with eluxury, Active Endeavors, pinkmascara, etc. Have fun shopping and happy holiday to you!
  5. If you live anywhere near a Saks Off Fifth outlet store they're great. Also at my outlet area, if you're a AAA member, you get an additional 25% off your order so my $450 Fiore Audra :smile: cost a whopping $209 out the door and my $595 Kooba Marcelle I think was like $215. Hope that helps!
  6. I have an awesome brown Frankie and also a Taylor (brown with champagne whipstich - hobo) from the NYC sample sale. I would sell it for the price I paid at the sample sale to you. Which is roughly around $150.00 each.
  7. :yahoo: WOW! Thanks for the quick help!! I'm going to check all these out and I'll let you know how I do!:yahoo:
  8. go to www.daszign.com and enter code THREE for 40% off, expires Tues the 28th.

    Ladies now you can finally afford to buy a Kooba bag:


    the sienna bag comes out to be only $330 instead of $550 and actually the sienna bag is really supposed to be $655 (according to revolve's website), so you actually will be saving 50% off or $325!!
  9. At Karizma.com they have the Kooba Scarlett in black and Sienna for $350-if you enter instyle06 in the promotional code it goes down to $262.50. Enjoy!
  10. Thanks girls! I ended up getting the Kooba at Karizma for $262.50!! My sister-in-law will be SOOO thrilled!! :heart: I got a pair of Anna Sui boots for $309.75 and I'm thrilled!!:yahoo:
    Thanks again, you are all the best!!
  11. So glad that you grabbed a deal at Karizma. Shelly is the owner and she's the best! I've bookmarked her site because she always has great sales and promo codes. Which color did you buy? The reddish-brown? She is one lucky sister-in-law! Hope you enjoy your boots as well.:yahoo:
  12. I got the Brown!!!! I dealt with Josh - she was so nice too! I'll let you know about the boots!! THANKS AGAIN!:heart: