Koobas at Off 5th

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  1. Yesterday at Off 5th in San Diego Sienna in cream color smooth leather for $349 and Lena in bark and honey for $379. They also had 20% off coupons at door and 25% online coupon (both expiring today, 8/19)
  2. Wow, they could work out a great deal. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Wow. I wonder if it'll be worth it to hop on the train to San Diego. I'm only 80 miles North. But I really shouldn't spend any more. Thanks for sharing this info!
  4. The Saks Off Fifth stores in Florida also have cream Siennas ($349.99) and Lena in honey, bark and black ($379.99). The Destin store is near Pensacola, Naples store and Miami. You can call, have them pull bags, and purchase with credit card and have shipped by UPS for $13.00. They will give you the 20% off by phone. Have to fax in the 25% coupon they sent out via email. The cream Sienna they have is the smooth leather in a creamy beige color, as opposed to the older ones that have leather like the smooth black ones and are a buttery off white color (like mine in pictures thread). Leather is satin finish like on a metallic army. I bought one of these since the only beige bag I have is a fake Fendi spy bag (yes, a prior "burning" several years ago). Even with the shipping, my cost was less than $300.
  5. ^^^Hmmm...I think I might just do that, especially since the camel Sienna went for higher than I was going to pay for a used bag. This way I'll get it brand new. Thanks!
  6. A couple stores I called also had the chestnut floral embossed Siennas. Destin store is (850) 650-3690, Naples store is (239)948-7110, Miami store is (786) 845-3867 and Orlando store is (407) 354-5757. Ellenton, Atlanta, Dawsonville, and Hilton Head currently don't have any Koobas, but that changes weekly. Be sure to ask about the 20% off but it ends today. Or if you got the ecoupon for 25% - that may end today too. Not sure.
  7. Nunnla, you really are so helpful:heart:, wish I lived in the States...
  8. You are so good, Nunnla!
  9. Thanks Nunnla. Your a sweetie to post all that info. (And you too sdkitty!)
  10. You're welcome girls. The Hilton Head store manager (my buddy from visits up to see my mom in Beaufort, 20 minutes away from Hilton Head) told me when I called that I need to come up the weekend of 9/15 as the week before is "fashion week". They get a huge influx of bags - not just lots of Koobas, but Chanel, Gucci, Yves St. Laurent, Prada and many other high ends ones you don't usually find. I'm sure this is true in all the other Saks Off Fifth stores too. So, mark your calendars and if there's a store in your area, check it out then. I'm planning a trip to mamacita's that weekend for sure, barring Hurricanes, of course.
  11. Ditto!
  12. Thanks for the tip about 9/15 Nunnla...I don't really want to buy anything but I will have to check it out just in case there's something perfect there...esp if they have extra % coupon runnning.
  13. Par on - Nunnla.....you're the best. I'm flat BROKE - but you are the pulse of the Kooba heart....:heart:
  14. I was just at Off 5th and they still have Lena in black and honey. Sienna in cream but it really looks kind of sickly...
  15. I just got an ecoupon good for 20% off on ALL purchases at Saks Off Fifth; good tomorrow through 8/26. Some of you may have gotten it too.