Koobas and Botkiers being faked?

  1. anyone know if this is the case (I'm sure it is...)
    I see a lot of bags on eBay and I wonder about authenticity.....
  2. They definitely are faked. Bidding on a fake Kooba on eBay is actually what brought me to this forum. From my experience, the majority of Koobas on eBay are fake.
  3. Ditto the above. Stick with reputable authorized dealers or trusted ebay sellers as discussed on here.
  4. Sad, Sad, Sad. Nothing I hate more than fake bags.
    Any one know specifically if the Botkier bags are being faked? I am looking at some Bombay bags (which are getting harder and harder to find, since I think they are last season?) and I'd like to know for sure.

    for that matter, is anyone here an "expert" in these bags?
  5. They are ALL faked, some more than others, but I would be careful with any designer handbag on ebay. If ebay has one you have to have, post it here so someone can help to authenticate it.
  6. I think I'm going to take your advice, cheekers... and buy from a reputable source... foreget ebay. Too risky. I called the pursestore and they are trying to locate one for me. I have a few other leads and if I can't find one, well then I'lll just have to find something else to obsess over... that shouldn't be too hard, lol!
  7. Gosh, Kooba buying on Ebay is tricky. I'd say 75% or more of Koobas listed are fake. I have no problem since I deal with only a small list of trusted sellers. It's a real risk buying a bag from someone unknown.
  8. who are the reputable sellers on ebay?
  9. There are quite a few. They are listed all through various threads dealing with Kooba.

    Some are:
    DesignsforLess (I think that is the spelling)

    Others have bought from some. Maybe they can add to this list.
  10. Thanks for sharing Lexie! Will check out their stores right now.
  11. Vipfashions is another good seller.
  12. Authenticdenimbar got me the Elisha
  13. THANKS!
  14. Oh and...
    Designerwarehouse and

    There is quite a few.
    Thanks KoobaLover. VIPfashions is good!