Koobas age like wine....they get even better...

  1. Here are two vintage Koobas I have added to my collection. I am beginning to really appreciate some of the older styles, classic yet still functional and stylish.

    The first is a Shelby with a crackled leather finish. I love the lining of this bag, perhaps I will turn it insideout and carry it that way. *s

    The second is a little burnt orange Kooba, style name unknown. Does anyone know the style? It has a fun lining too with sayings such as Love, Happiness, etc.

    Show me photos of your older, vintage Koobas. Let's prove that those older gals still have some pep in their step.
    Shelby2.JPG Kooba shelby paisley lining2.JPG BurntOrange-Kooba2.JPG BurntOrangeVintageKooba-interior2.JPG
  2. i agree, i love my bonnie more every day!
  3. Beautiful... I love that crackled leather on the Shelby!
  4. Love them Lindy, and I stole your unknown bag pic for my file. Hope you don't mind. Maybe one day we'll get it's name. I love the inner lining on your Shelby. They must have mixed and matched their linings more in the past. My crackled Bridget (which I assume would be the same period) had just colored Koobas on white.

    The Bridget is all I got as far as true Vintage (LOL...true Vintage is 3 years old??? LOL) I did have one very unique Kooba I sold awhile back. It was a satchel in Teal Moc Croc. I bought it for about 75.00 and never used it so I sold it. I have never seen one again. I should have kept that sucker!

  5. I'm glad to hear this since I just got my first Kooba about 6 months ago.

    They're made with such great quality leather it should be expected that they'd age well. Woo Hoo!

    Too bad WE can't be made of great quality leather and look better with age... :crybaby: