KoobaLover's KolLection

  1. Hey y'all! I figured it was about time I did this, since I am continuously buying and selling bags. My collection has been downsized in the last few months, but I have never been more in love than I am with these 5 beauties!

    Though I am a Kooba girl at heart, I'm also a fan of Isabella Fiore and have recently become a newbie to the world of Balenciaga. I can say with all certainty that the two B-Bags pictured here will not be my last! They are absolutely divine.

    Anyway, on with the pics...
  2. Great collection-love the bbag colors!
  3. loves it all!!!
  4. From left to right: Balenciaga City '06 in Rouge, Balenciaga First '05 in Grey, Isabella Fiore Whipflash Revival Audra in Pewter, Isabella Fiore Dream Weaver Harriet in Black, and Kooba Sienna in Olive.
    Balenciaga City Rouge.jpg Balenciaga Grey First.jpg IF Whipflash Audra Pewter.jpg IF Dream Weaver Harriet Black.jpg Kooba Sienna Olive.jpg
  5. Love your bags! Thanks for sharing!
  6. we seem to have the same taste in handbags! I also have 2 balenciagas (a Black City bag (S/S 05) & an Olive brown Classic (2003)), an original IF WhipFlash Audra in Khaki (2005), a Chocolate IF Dream Weaver bag, and as of today, an original Kooba Sienna bag in Luggage (which I am fairly certain is authentic)

    Your bags are gorgeous!
  7. WOW! We're twins!!! :smile:
  8. love your balenciaga--great collection!! thanks for posting!!
  9. beautiful collection!!!! :smile: i love the colors you have of bags they all look so great together! :smile:

    I havent seen too many IF bags i love but those 2 are AMAZING!!! can i have them ;) hehe

    and of course i love your kooba what a great color! :smile:

    the b bags are amazing as well ive never seen one in person or felt one and i dont want to cause im scared ill want one and those i just plain cant afford! :smile: hehe
  10. Love the red bbag!
  11. nice collection!
  12. Very nice :smile:
  13. OOOOhh I LOVE your collection! It's YUMMY!!
    I've just started mine with a Nicole in Luggage - I haven't even received it yet and I'm already YEARNING for a Balenciaga (city perhaps??) They always catch my eye in people's collections!! Since there are NO stores here I'm hoping through the help within tpf I can find something I'd love on e-bay or someone who a reputable seller!!
  14. Gorgeous! I especially love your Rouge City!
  15. Oooh, I love the Nicole! Great choice for your first Kooba! Good luck on your search for a Balenciaga! You won't be disappointed when you get one... they are amazing.