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  1. Is Kooba an American brand???
  2. I think they are based in L.A., Cali - that is the impression I get from surfing their site
  3. Has anyone checked them out in person? I've been hearing mixed things about the quality.
  4. I only hear the hype and the Sienna Miller connection. Searle (a very cool mini-chain) in NYC carries a lot of their stuff.


  5. I bought a Kooba from Bendel's (the Natalia). Both Bendel's and Bergdorf's have them in the store. The leather is textured and destressed, but really soft and lined (in suede). (I almost bought the Bulga oversized tote today. But is it too much to ask for a $500 bag to be leather/suede lined?)

    Don't know what you heard was a quality issue. The distressed leather was an issue for me at first. But I really loved everything else about the bag, so I'm over that now.

    To see Kooba bags IRL, according to their website:
    Kooba collection is available at select Neiman Marcus, select Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, and over 400 better specialty stores throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, and Europe.

    To find the Kooba collection near you, email sales@koobabags.com.
  6. Is Kooba made in the USA? Or is it like Coach sometimes made somewhere else???
  7. Is the kooba Sienna heavy??
  8. I just went to NM and checked out the Kooba bags. I have to admit, the hobo was really comfortable to carry, but I wasn't really impressed with the overall look of the bag. Pretty decent for something relatively inexpensive :smile:
  9. I was curious too, so I emailed them:

    Dear Lexi,

    Yes our bags are made in the USA.


    Kooba Online
    Customer Service
    tel: 323.325.9819
    fax: 323.234.4965
  10. I was about to purchase the Kooba Sienna yesterday at Neiman's but I ran into a girl in the store that had a version in dark brown and the color had rubbed off in spots! She had owned the bag for only 2 months. However, she only had praise for the bag - she really loves it and has no regrets. But I have to admit that the fading made me hesitant -- I have the bag on hold until Tuesday.

  11. Was it the Espresso brown? I thought that I wanted that color until I saw it in person. It does look worn in areas...and the bag I looked at was brand new. :amazed: Maybe that is part of the whole distressed look about them?

    I would imagine she should try and contact Kooba directly...if it is a flaw they need to know about it and remedy it for her.

    I saw the smaller version in black, and it was gorgeous. The leather looked more deep and evenly colored for lack of a better description.
  12. I'm not even sure I like the bag that much - but Ebay is flooded with them which makes me wonder.

  13. Whatcha wondering? :biggrin:
  14. Hi Bjara, the shopper I spoke with had the espresso brown one. The marks she showed me on her bag were definitely due to the color fading rather than because of an intentional distressed look. I did ask her if she called Kooba -- she didn't. But again, she seemed to be really happy with her bag despite the fading. Maybe the black version will fare better over time?

  15. I'm serious look at that right (our left) arm...and I really like her, but I need her to gain like 10lbs.