1. Sorry to tell you (I learned from experience) but this probably isn't real. There's a really good guide on ebay that tells how to spot fakes. 2 things about this bag point to it not being authentic- 1) Kooba doesn't make white handbags - ivory is as close as they get & 2) the pebbling is too small. Kooba pebbling is bigger & not uniform. Like I said - I had to learn the hard way & paid a lot more for my fake. Sorry.
  2. Ooohh, looks fake. Too stiff and white. And the white string that attaches the tag- I think Kooba attaches with a black string.
  3. That is why so many people are getting faked. They Fakers have made a bag that to the person not familiar with Kooba looks reasonably real.
    Like the others said. Pebbling is too uniform, leather is weird, Kooba never made a white bag, and tags are attached with dark brown string not white tie thingies. Plus...you aren't going to get a real one for 89.00.
  4. Did you win that Kooba bag? I hope you haven't paid for it because it looks to be a fake. :sad:
  5. wait.. which one?
    the first one.. no.
    i informed the seller and she hasn't responded. lol.
    but i`m wondering about the second one.
  6. The second one is fake. Look at that leather and the ends of the side ties.
    The Suede one I am not sure. I have never seen a suede one and I'm not sure that style had inner zipper leather pulls hanging off of a ring. I'd write and ask where she purchased it. But take in consideration that a suede bag can look like crap if not treated with kid gloves and never letting rain get on it.
  7. That one is fake too.
  8. amazing how they sell them for that much
  9. My opinion: better buy Kooba bags from Kooba official website and their authorized retailers such as those giant department stores. If you are looking for a deal, try their sale sections and be patient. Not too long ago Kooba had sale on their official online store for 40% off, including Sienna and Scarlett. The sale is still there, but may not have any of these two available any more. If you want to buy it from ebay, better be super careful. There are trusted sellers, but usually the price is not lower than the deal you can possibly get from retailer sales. If the price is really low, well, that's when the "too good to be true" rule comes in. :smile:

    I think Kooba did make Siennas in Moss, and you can probably still find the picture of a Scarlett in this color on their website. However, I'm no expert in authenticating the one you just posted. But the seller seemed to have sold many Koobas before and some LVs with really low price...which, would be interpretted as a red flag by me personally.
  10. ok, she posted more pictures! it actually follows the guidlines i've been reading.

    and she said she purchased it from eluxury.com

    could this actually be it?