Kooba ?

  1. Hi all - I'm new to tPF & haven't seen any mention of Kooba. I was thinking of buying one but was wondering if there's something I don't know. I got dupped by a fake Sienna on ebay that's perfect in every respect except that it's pebbled leather. (I did my homework on their website & even looked @ real ones @ Neiman's before I bid but the pictures were deceptive.) I really like the purse except that it's fake (& I hate fakes !!). I'm just about ready to invest in a new purse & was leaning towards Kooba (a real one this time -hopefully a good deal) but would really appreciate some input. Opinions anyone? Thanks in advance.
  2. You can get them on legitimate websites for pretty good prices if you use online coupons from Touties or the other coupon sites. I love my Koobas.
  3. are sure it's a fake? I think some of the siennas might have been pebbled leather. I have one that I've never even used so I'll take it out and look at the leather closely. It is a bag that is often faked so you do have to be careful on ebay, but it is a great bag. My friend has the sienna in cognac and it's a beautiful bag that goes with everything and looks great. Post pics in the authenticate section before you run out and buy another and Koobas often go on sale so check the steals and deals section for that. good luck
  4. I have a Woven Ada and I love it! The leather is beautiful.
  5. Excellent info - thanks ! I didn't know about the coupons ! I am glad to hear that others like Koobas - I was worried. I have a Fendi Spy but I need something more casual for everyday & Koobas fit my style really well. Thanks, again. I LOVE THIS SITE !!!!!!
  6. loren - I'm almost positive it's a fake - the seller ceased being a registered ebay seller a day after I received my bag & gave positive feedback !
  7. Thanks Foxmonkey - The woven Ada (or Braeden) is one that I was considering. I also like the Ginger, the Mia (though it's a bit small) & of course - the Sienna. Now I just have to narrow it down.
  8. I have the Nisha and it's a nice big and comfortable bag. You can probably find it on sale online since it was a summer bag.
  9. New Fall Sienna's are very pebbled. I actually like these better than the smoother leather. JCMadison and Kooba.com have sales often. There are a few real Koobas on ebay. I just sold my Nisha for a great price (220) since it is an older season bag. It was a little too large for me. Kooba's are great bags. Check out Upscaletrend and surf*goddess who have some nice authentic Koobas up. Also Lninos has a few up too at good prices. I stick with a few known authentic and trusted ebay sellers for Koobas since most Koobas on ebay are fake.
  10. Yep, I, too, can vouch for Lninos :yes: . I bought a Kooba Claudia from Lninos and the leather, the smell and the details are the same quality as the Kooba Renee I bought from Bergdorfgoodman.com. I love Kooba bags :love: !!
  11. Greetings Soundpam,
    I think that you will be thrilled with the quality of any Kooba handbag. I have a Sienna in Moss, a Nisha in Toffee and a Jesse, which is a distressed leather. I was able to find all of them on legit websites and some really good prices, probably end-of-the-season items. Now, I'm trying to decide which one I would like next. I'm more of a casual gal and these type of bags fit my lifestyle quite well. Good luck in your search, and welcome! (and a Hi to Lexie..she has been a great help with my questions, too)
  12. I almost bought a Kooba, and there are three reasons why I didn't. I hate the fact that they cost so much. They used to be made in Italy for half as much, and because they're trendy, Kooba more than doubled the price while cutting their costs by shifting production to China. They're also heavy, and I fear they'll be trendy enough that the bag will last longer than the trend.
  13. Just a quick thanks to all - the advice is excellent & much appreciated.
  14. I just purchased a Kooba (the Natalia) and love it a lot! Usually I don't go for the distressed leather look but the bag is very comfy and fits most of my daily stuff. I got it at Off Saks for a very good price (half off). Guess you could call it my beater bag. :heart: