1. Does anyone know anything about the kooba ada tote, what do you think it?
  2. I found this picture of it:

    I think it's gorgeous -just a little pricey but everyone here seems to have discount codes you could probably use. Good luck!
  3. $$$, heavy and made in China. I like the look of Kooba bags, but given the price tag and where they're made, I just can't go for one.
  4. I bought one a couple of weeks ago - I love it. :love: It is heavy, but it's definitely a head-turner. I carried it shopping for the first time tonight, and I swear, every woman in the store looked at it!

    Ammietwist $$$, heavy and made in China. I like the look of Kooba bags, but given the price tag and where they're made, I just can't go for one.

    Why is it bad that it's made in China? It's a quality bag and it's very well made out of quality materials.
  5. i saw it over the weekend. I like the look. It was very, very heavy. And the straps are really hard, kind of stiff. Great looking though.
  6. wow. the model could use a bra. and a sandwich.
  7. :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: !!

    I actually got something similar to that bag, I just received it today! Surprisingly, I really LOVE the bag! I was planning on using it as a throw around bag for really casual work days. I was alittle skeptical about Kooba but, after seeing the excellent quality and workmanship, I'd definitely recommend this brand. It is alittle on the heavy side but, if you're use to MJacob bags or Mulberry, you shouldn't have any problem with this brand....suede lining and sturdy hardware is where all the weight lies. The handles are stiff, but I know they will definitely soften with time, afterall it is nice thick leather. I'll have to post real pics of the bag in my showcase in a couple of weeks because my DH went on a business trip to Japan/China and took the digital camera with him, so no pics until then :sad:. Here is a professional pic though! BTW, the gommets are not as gold as depicted in the photo, their more of an antique gold...which I love.
    Kooba - Leather Ada Tote - 645.jpg
  8. Pursemama, is that a Kooba? What is it called? I like it!
  9. I'm not saying it's not a "quality" bag, BUT Kooba wasn't always made in China. When they started, the bags were HALF the price and made in Italy. When they became an "it" bag by getting them on the arms of various celebs, they shifted production over to China and doubled the prices. It's pure manipulation of the customer, and their profits skyrocketed.

    Why should the price stay the same or increase as they're cutting costs? Other companies that have shifted all or part of their production overseas while keeping their prices the same if not raising them are Coach, Brahmin, Le Sport Sac and Stone Mountain.

    The manufacturers may play this game, but as a consumer, I don't have to participate. It amazes me that people don't seem to care beyond the "Oh, I love it" part of the equation. I work hard for my money, and the last thing I'm going to do is toss it at a company that charges a ridiculous amount for a bag that cost them next to nothing to make. When I talk to sales associates about the issue, they have to admit that it's something to seriously consider when purchasing a bag.

  10. Yes it is the Kooba, Leather Ada Tote - $645 available online at Neiman Marcus. This is my first Kooba, I really love it!
  11. It's a very pretty bag. I'm not sure I would pay that much for it though.
  12. It's a beautiful bag. Enjoy and love it!
  13. I like the bag... the model not so much.
  14. After I bought my woven one I started looking at the same bag you just bought, and I think I may buy a black one. Great bag! Enjoy. :love: