1. I hear a lot about Kooba on the PF. I would love to hear what you all love about them so much. They look pretty nice to me when I see them in the stores. I also see that many people here own more than one. Thinking about getting an Elisha in red.
  2. you should go on to the Kooba sub forum and check it out ;)
  3. Yes, check out the Kooba forum, but for me, it's the smell, the design, the size, everything!
  4. And the Red Elisha would make a great first Kooba. I love mine. Once you get a taste of them, you gotta have more. I have 12 right now.
  5. I love them too and own 8 Koobas. What gets to me most about the brand are the leathers, thick, beautiful, wonderful to the hand. And Kooba makes many styles I enjoy, hence the small collection.