Kooba Zoe = Super Cute!

  1. Kooba Zoe on eBay

    Another good oldie here. Anyone know what year it's from?
  2. I think the Zoe only came out last year. I love this bag but it's so darn small. Good Clubbin Bag....which in my day was known as "going Bar Hopping"...LOL
  3. I haven't hopped a bar since my single days, 27 years ago. I think I would probably sprain something if I tried it now.

    I have seen that bag at Off 5th, very cute with it's chunky chain.
  4. SO cute!
  5. good looking bag! essentials only, dang it looks small! I love the chain on it!
  6. Oh, you ladies are so funny. I'm sure we could all go out and paint the town together without getting hurt! Hmmm... now there's an idea!
  7. I was eying this when it was on NM. It's definitely cute but too small.
  8. I have that Zoe and I love it! It was my first Kooba. I use it for going out and it's perfect. Sometimes I shorten the chain bc it can get heavy. Perfect little casual bag with jeans for spring.