Kooba. what is the history?

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  1. So i tried to google the history of kooba and i could not find much. Does anyone know about it like where does it originally come from? If the makers make anything else? When did they start? Where the factories are located such as overseas or USA?

    Just anything? :shrugs:
  2. The designers are Bonnie and Abbe Held (mother daughter). They started in 1998 so there were many many bags put out before the popularity of the Sienna exploded in 2004. That's where you find the unknown Koobas on ebay with a whole array of colorful inside linings. There were all kinds too from flowery ones to stripes. I believe they originated in New York but as far back as 2004 the bags were made in China. I never looked on a tag from an older one but I do remember inside labels that said Kooba New York.