Kooba Website has new Fall collection!

  1. Go check it out! What are your favourites? I hate the Stella/Cassandra styles, they look like blobs, but I am definitely falling for the Eden in pewter...
  2. Wow - do my eyes deceive me or is that oversized clutch "Diana" listed at $135?? Even the Audrey, which is smaller, was $285.

    The Diana almost sways me given the size and price. Hmmm.....
  3. Hi:

    I'm no fan of the Stella or Cassandra either. Where do you see the "Eden". I don't see that one listed. Thanks! :yes:
  4. You have to go down to the "collections" button and hit Fall 2007. I hate how they show the pics. I'd rather see them all side by side like on the regular site page.

    I'm not into the Pewter. I half wonder if that Diana price isn't a mistake. Kooba always had high prices for Clutches I though. Maybe if you nab it now and if it is a mistake, they will honor the price.

    Well, I won't be spending alot of time sifting through bag pics to see what to buy. I can't say anything really grabs me. I will get a Katy in Eggplant when it comes out probably but that color isn't until later I guess.

    That Linda-Jackie-Harper-Katy-Dylan theme I just don't get. It's a little redundant. They all look the same except for a couple of inches difference.
  5. I cant believe that Im considering a suede Elisha. I never thought I would yearn for a suede bag as its high maintainence, but everything else doesnt grab my attention at all.
  6. I'm rather liking the Eden.... I need a nice black bag. That's all that grabs me so far.
  7. I know Halzer...Out of everything the Taupe Suede bags seem to be the winner as far as appeal. So far I have supressed the urge. I will murder that suede within a month! But If I could get a deal....even though I have an Elisha and Devin...I would go for it.

    I guess Kooba thinks it's the year for Metallics and Patents. Not in my house though.
  8. Oh, and what do you think of the Jennifer-Layla-Sophia bags? I think they look quite odd with those side pockets high up on the sides and the weird loop like strap.
  9. Ok so I'm the lone ranger here!

    I love Harper, Hudson, Sophia, Layla, Jackie and Elisha in Black Suede.

    Gonna be an expensive year and so much for my being a Baca collector instead. :graucho:
  10. Oh and I like Aram too..in olive patent. :heart:
  11. Halzer, I saw the suede Elisha yesterday (Tootsie's in Dallas). It is gorgeous! The suede is so soft. I was never really drawn to that style before.
  12. I really like the Hannah clutch in pewter and the Olivia clutch in maybe eggplant or black. I also like the Jennifer, but I am a sucker for a large tote bag. The Aram(?) looks interesting, but also looks like the top of a pair of pants with those pockets! Anyone looking at the Diana clutch should not hesitate to snap it up. I suspect at that price they will not last for long. That's a really large clutch for the price. Hope the other Fall 07 clutches are similiarly priced! I wasn't excited for the new stuff, but now I am feeling that Kooba love again!:love:
  13. That Hilarie really looks like a Moni Moni doesn't it? - in terms of leather anyway.

    I'm not that thrilled but happy to save a bit of coin. :lol:
  14. How weird - my Firefox browser wouldn't show "Fall 2007" but my IE die.

    I'm liking the Eden and possibly Hannah, though her handles look as though the drop would be too small with the bags dimensions and I'm not sure of those snaps in the upper corners. More pics relative to a body would help, but it'll likely be a while before they have those up.

    Aram in black is nice.

    I don't get the Dylan, Linda, Jackie, Harper either. Are they all the same save for size, handle style and color choices?
  15. Whoops...my IE "does" show it.

    Correction: Not the Hannah, the Kylie. It seems very large for the straps. Hmmm....