Kooba website and prices

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  1. Does the website ever do codes??

    Anyone know why the prices of the handbags are actually more expensive on the Kooba site? For example, the Kooba Lola is 645 at Neimans, nordys, etc, but the official website sells it for 695! How can that be?!
  2. Because Kooba are greedy. Even their sale prices remain high.
  3. Yes, I agree with minimouse
  4. Yes I noticed that....I actually own theire Moto Leather Jacket that they still haven't put on sale and it's officially spring.....Mind you it's close to 900.00 and I purchased mine onsale on activeendeavors.com 3months ago at 423.00 plus qith a coupon code it was 317.000....So I ask you this does it make any sense that kooba themselves still has them in all 3 colors at 800+ and they wonder why their sales are low:tdown:. I would've gotten the jacket in black as well. as I love my brown vitage one....But out of principle I won't not until that price drastically drops
  5. Mini hit it dead on! I've never heard of codes either for their site.
  6. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard-- and a pretty crappy way to maintain customer loyalty!!!
  7. However, I think it's pretty standard for a company to do this. I know Coach items will go on sale in Macy's but if I ordered on line or called their 1-800 # it'd be full price.

    I just don't think that Kooba or any other company has the manpower to monitor pricing of their items with every single retailer...they'd never stop updating pricing on their website.
  8. Most of the time even the sale prices on the sale page aren't that great. Heck, Botkier and HH have KILLER prices during their online sales. I wish Kooba would follow suit. Well, provided they had some sale bags I wanted, that is. The last bag I bought directly from them was a Brynne! :girlsigh: