Kooba wear and tear observations

  1. Many will like this but others won't which is why I wanted to post.

    I have an amazing Kooba sienna in desert, which was my first real dive into the 'boho chic' trend. It's not my usual style, but an attempt to venture outward and try some non-structured bags.

    I love it. It works great on me and holds a ton. I get a lot of compliments on it too!

    The downside, which I want to share with everyone: the leather does patina pretty quickly. I've already noticed a darkening of the shoulder straps and the leather in general.

    Mine still looks somewhat like this after 90 days, but the leather is darkening, especially around the top shoulder handles.

    The interior pockets and pink suede are TDF, albeit a little loose.

    In addition, the "feet" at the bottom really dont' do much to protect the bag. as it's pretty slouchy.

    Overall, it's great. But it is like an old pair of broken-in flats or moccasins...great to slip into, but not the most appropriate for formal occasions.

  2. I'll agree on most points. The feet don't do much for the bottom and my main complaint with the inner lining is that it is too loose and not tacked down. But I love the Bags so much I'll overlook these points. All of my bags are dark leather so the patina doesn't show.
  3. I too have a Kooba Sienna (mine is in Nutmeg) and you have to be really careful if carrying it around every day since the leather is not as coated as other brands. My suggestion would be to buy another bag to "trade off" with on days too hot (sweat will discolor the bag) or rainy days (water damage). After all, we all need excuses to get another bag!! He he!
  4. ITA! I probably won't carry it too much when it starts getting rainy here again in a month or so. This bag got a lot of heavy use when I went to the coast for a few days and it already has a small stain on the leather :crybaby: which is probably sunscreen. Luckily, it's down near the bottom so it doesn't show too much.

    Yep, we always need another bag! :jammin: :supacool:
  5. The Desert is a gorgeous color, but impractical. One of my best friends had her Marcelle in Desert 1 day when it stained and I urged her to return it to Bloomies fearing that this leather was going to do exactly what you reported. As I have said here a few months ago---I would not buy the Desert color!!
  6. Good call, Pink! I still love mine dearly, but wanted to share this with everyone so they know what to expect. My next Kooba's gonna be black! :wlae:
  7. Great post, I love the Kooba bags but this post makes me think a darker colored one would be the best option. Very cute bag!
  8. Darker is better with a Kobba, which is why I chose the dark brown espresso color, on the advice of my Kooba SA. It's held up very well.:yes:
  9. Have got a Kooba Sienna in ivory and would just like to warn everybody against wearing it with black t-shirts!! Really stains it, not a very practical colour, but practical is sometimes very boring...
  10. I have a sienna in desert as well and I would never ever again buy this colour because it's stains so easily. I have the same as you that my shoulder strap already patinad and I didn't use her much. I got caught in the rain and basically she's ruined because there are water stains all over her. Now I just use her as my casual bag and take her to the beergarden etc because she's ruined anyway. Next time I'll buy one in a darker colour.
  11. But what about just maybe putting a pretreatment on the desert color like lovingmybags (I'm not affiliated with them in any way) to keep away the water stains, etc.? I'm so wanting the Marcelle in desert. I have the Marcelle in toffee and spilled a 7UP on it the other day. It was horrible...I used a leather cleaner and now it just looks like maybe a patina on the bag. But that desert just sounds maybe a bit more unforgiving. Before I plunk down big bucks on that desert, I just thought maybe did anyone have anything else about the desert colour in general????:confused1:
  12. I don't own any Kooba bags, but I know what you mean about loose linings. My Donna Karan has a suede lining that is loose. I actually don't mind it, because it allows me to pull the lining out the bag and shake the dirt out of it every so often.
  13. i agree. i adore my kooba lucy but the zipper pull has already fallen off and i haven't even used it that much! luckily, the color is black so i haven't noticed any change in the color of the leather!
  14. I bought my first Kooba last week - Sienna in espresso (dark brown)! :yahoo:

    I conditioned with Apple Leather Conditioner and sprayed Apple Garde on it all over - I took it out in the rain today and it doesn't seem affected at all. The leather is distressed which hides any scratches easily - I can already tell that it will scratch rather easily. I do agree that the lining is rather loose.

    I'm so used to LV's monogram canvas bags that this will require me to be more careful. But it is gorgeous and I'm loving her! :wlae:
  15. I put the Apple spray on my desert and it ruined it even more because it did darken her on some areas and I never expreineced this before with the Apple spray. When buy my next Kooba, the lena, it will be in a dark colour.