Kooba walked out my cart

  1. Aaaarrggghhh, I hate when this happened. I was browsing NM and came across a Kooba Dylan @ $294:nuts:. Put it in my cart, went to pay and whadda ya know, it became unavailable. Story of my life. It would have been my first Kooba too:crybaby:
  2. Aww! That stinks. I bought an Eggplant Dylan a couple weeks ago (also my first Kooba). I lucked out and won it on eBay for $280. Good luck finding one!

  3. Funny. I think I know the Dylan you're talking about. I had just purchased a Dylan myself for Christmas for $355 and thought that was an excellent deal.
    I saw one a couple of weeks ago that went for $510!!!

    Win some.. Lose some...:crybaby:
  4. Hmm..I don't get how that happens. It seems I have seen a post before about that happening! Don't fret mademoiselle I'm sure another will pop up for you. They always do ;)
  5. Thanks Posk!!
    I more than made up for it though :smile:
    I managed to snag the Hilarie right after I posted and then over the weekend, I went to the site and got the Rose Charlie. I've read all the stories about the color transfer, but I am hoping with some protectant, I might be okay.