Kooba vs. Rebecca Minkoff - Help me decide?!


Kooba Micki or Rebecca Minkoff MA

  1. Kooba Micki in Cream

  2. Rebecca Minkoff MAB in Night Blue

  3. Neither - I don't care for either bag

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  1. Okay, I have store credit at Active Endeavors and I am torn between these two bags. Which do you like better? Please vote, and if you have personal experience with either of these bags, please comment, as I have seen neither IRL.

    Kooba Micki in Cream or Rebecca Minkoff Morning After in Night Blue
    aed34188_cream_a.jpg aed34081_nightblu_a.jpg
  2. That Kooba bag looks interesting!!!

    All I remember is Balihai88 raving about the RM MAB in Night blue! Apparently there's something about the night blue leather that is TDF!!!! And I love that color (night blue)

    These are totally different styles and colors! You really know how to put us on the spot!!!!!
  3. I love Kooba, but I have the white bag problem (with me - it's not white for very long :shame:smile:. But the RM in nightblue IS absolutely divine leather. And a gorgeous and unique color. Go for the RM.
  4. I saw the kooba bag in person at Nordstroms. Its amazingly soft, and the design really stands out.
  5. RM definitely.
  6. I am generally a much bigger fan of RM - and I have seen many posts here about how incredible the night blue leather is! And I much prefer the shape of the RM over the Kooba!:tup:
  7. Contessa is right, I've been yammering on about the Night blue and it IS fab!!! So my vote would be for that. When I first saw the Kooba the shape reminded me of a flotation device, the kind you wear when you go out boating?! But then again, I'm crazy.:balloon:
  8. RM for me. My Koobas are so heavy I've never carried them. Plus, you can't go wrong with RM!
  9. I had an RM and it was way heavier than any of my Koobas.
  10. RM all the way! I feel RM bags are more downtown chic than Kooba (more boho IMO). It's probably lighter than the Kooba too, and how can you pass up a Morning After bag???
  11. You have really never carried the bags out?

    If ever you want to get rid of them, please pm me (hint hint:nuts::nuts::nuts:)

    I would go with the RM, even though I love Kooba. The Micki don't do anything for me.
  12. i love my koobas, but, i think that the RM is gorgeous...go for it!
  13. :lol:Oh, that is too funny!! I never thought of that, but you're right! If I were to get it, which I'm still undecided, I bet it would fit over my six-year-old sons head, and completely look like one of those airplane flotation things. I almost want to get it just to take a pic of that.
  14. ^^ LOL You should get it just so you can take a picture of your son with it on. I can't wait to see that!!
  15. I voted for the RM, because I love RM, but I personally don't love studs, including the the studs on that particular bag. Are they removable? If yes, I would go for it! (or, if you like the studs, go for it too!)