Kooba vs. Kooba....which one?

  1. I recently purchased the Kooba Sloane in "Bark." I really like it, even though the tags are still on it. :shame:

    For those that are thinking about the Sloane vs. the Lena, in Bark, the Sloane's color is a markedly deeper, darker shade of brown. Also it has less of a green-ish cast to it. (I ordered two of each from NM as I was undecided...and when I chose the style I wanted, I wanted a choice from two bags :P )

    But now I have a dilemma. :shrugs:

    While perusing bags the other night online, I came across the Kooba Paige in their new "Java" color. I like the style, as I saw it Friday night at Neiman's in the Bourbon color.

    The "Java" Paige is a pre-order now, due the first week of December. Now I can't decide if I want to keep the Sloane, or trade it in for the Paige in the new color.

    I can fit both bags on my shoulder, no problem. My issue is they each have their own unique and different style. I think the Paige is much more casual, where the Sloane can pull off a dressier look if need be. My first hesitation on the Paige would be that the Sloane has a darker faux suede lining, whereas the Paige has a pink faux suede lining. :yucky:

    Opinions? Just curious.
  2. Bjara, I like Paige a lot more than Sloane; I don't think Paige's too casual. Pink lining adds a nice contrast to the bag (MJ often does this with his bags).

    Other members might not know the styles, post pictures. =)
  3. (source: Neiman Marcus online)
    Paige Leather Shoulder Tote

    • Paige Style.
    • Choose bourbon (shown), black (see below), or raisin (dark purple) leather.
    • Antique brass hardware.
    • Adjustable shoulder straps with snap closure.
    • Front flap pocket.
    • Buckled straps down front.
    • Cotton lining.

  4. ^ I would like to see Raisin.
  5. (source: Neiman Marcus online)
    Sloane Belted Tote

    • Choose bark (shown), honey, or black. See other colors below.
    • Gold-tone hardware.
    • Adjustable shoulder straps with buckle; snap closure.
    • Buckled straps wrap around body.
    • Crisscross straps on sides.
    • Cotton lining.
    • 15"H x 13"W x 6"D.

  6. i like the paige
  7. Whoopsie! I meant to. :P

    1. Paige
    2. Sloane
    kooba paige.jpg koobasloane1.jpg
  8. I like the 2nd one
  9. I like the Sloane better, and it has that hot 80's look that is all the trend right now. Keep the Sloane, love it, and stop second guessing yourself or it will drive you crazy!
  10. Wow! I love that bag looks bigg enough to put stuff in. I never got how people good buy such little bugs! I got to much stuff
  11. like the sloane better..
  12. Personally, I like the Paige. The other is nice too - but it just looks like another tote bag you could find anywhere....that Paige has just a nice edge to it - definitely a Kooba. But that's just my opinion!!! :jammin:
  13. They are both pretty, I like the Koobas. Maybe the Paige has just a bit more style? I like it just a bit better. I guess it depends on if you mind returning the Sloane and waiting now? Pink lining sounds nice too.
  14. i prefer the paige, though it's wider, so you do have to consider that :smile:
  15. Oh don't I know it! :sweatdrop:

    I do this about everything! :sad: