Kooba vs. Gustto - help me decide!

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  1. I was about to buy the Kooba Natasha... but saw someone this evening carrying the Gussto Medium Setela (I didn't think it was a shoulder bag, but she had it over her shoulder and it looked pretty comfy). Now I can't decide between the two! What do you ladies think? I've not seen the Natasha in real life so would love to hear from someone who has.


    Gustto Medium Setela:


    Kooba Natasha (converts to two sizes):


  2. I think from your photos that the Gustto looks more expensive and well made...just an opinion! I have not learned to appreciate patented leather really. However, I like the style of the Koobas better...
  3. I prefer the Gustto.....
  4. Asides from the shoulder vs handheld issue, The Gustto rules! You know how much I adore Kooba but these new season Patent leather bags look cheap and chintzy. Just my opinion of course. The Gustto looks rich. Gorgeous bag! May I ask how much it is?
  5. I like the gustto.
  6. Gusttos are so light and soft. I love them.
  7. gustto, i think i've seen it in brown which is pretty too :p
  8. I like the Gustto - the leather looks positively delicious! The Kooba looks enormous!
  9. Go for Gustto, imo Gustto's leather is better than Kooba's.
    It came out lots of new color and style in Nordstrom Chicago.
    (I saw them and touched them...felt good...I will want one in the future)
  10. I've seen the Kooba in real life...it's nice, but kind of stiff. I prefer the softer structure of the Gustto (a gorgeous bag, by the way!).
  11. Thanks, ladies. I was in such a quandry last eve that I ALMOST asked my husband for his opinion. (Which would've been along the lines of... "Why do you need another black bag?" As if NEED has anything to do with it!)

    Am definitely leaning towards the Gustto.

    Lexie - To answer your question, the Gustto is $595, the Kooba is $625.
  12. Gustto.
  13. I guess I am the only one voting for the Kooba. I have never owned a Kooba or a Gustto but the style of the Kooba is much more appealing to me. I also like the way it looks both ways. Both are nice so actually having both on the list of wants isn't a bad thing. You can never have enough black bags. !!! What are the insides of these bags like? Any pockets or just open space?
  14. I have to go with the Gustto, too. I've seen them in person and the leather is tdf. Plus, it's a more timeless bag than the patent which, while I like patent fine, is bound to be less hot next year than it is now IMO.
  15. I prefer the Gustto. I'm don't know if you plan to use it year-round, but if you do, this one looks more versatile.