Kooba, True Religion Sample Sale NY

  1. [FONT=Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]261 W. 36th Street – 2nd Floor
    (betw. 7th & 8th Ave)
    New York, NY 10018

    Starting June 20th:

    There are no try-ons for the True Religion sale...the dressing rooms will be closed. [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif] [/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]Tuesday[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]June 20[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]10 am - 7 pm[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]Wednesday[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]June 21[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]10 am - 6 pm[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]Thursday[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]June 22[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]10 am - 7 pm[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]Friday[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]June 23[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]10 am - 6 pm[/FONT]
  2. OHHHHH man... i wonder how much the jeans will be... Are they significantly less?? I love true religion jeans. Thanks for the info Sonya!!!
  3. All jeans are $99.
  4. If anyone goes in the morning -- please post how was it - I'm trying to decide if it's worth me going into NYC for (i live 30 minutes away but parking is SO ANNOYING!!!) basically i want the basic sienna and a leather frankie...
  5. AHH I miss living in New York so much!! I wish I could go & get a new pair of True Religions!
  6. I just got back from the sale and it was awesome! Try to go today or tomorrow! They have tons and tons of jeans in all sizes in stock. There are designated racks organized according to your size. It was too bad I couldn't try on anything. The salespeople told me the jeans run small but do stretch. I got two pairs, the billy and johnny in dark denim.

    They had a lot of Kooba bags in stock too! The bags were all on display along a wall, and the prices were mostly from $125-$279, I think. I got a few Sienna metallic leather clutches for $50 each discounted from $275 (perfect as gifts!!!!!) and a jade Chiara bag for $125. I saw a lot of Scarletts, Claudias in assorted colors, gold Carlas, Haydons, Marcelles, Lucys and Nishas. I didn't see any Sienna bags, or perhaps they were gone by the time I got there. I was in line from about 9:15am and the wait was kinda long (1 hr)..

  7. What a nightmare!!! I was in line by 9:45, finally in the sale at 10:40. You asked for the Kooba bag you wanted, they stuck it on a postit, and onto the line you go. Needless to say, they ran out of a lot of what everyone wrote on their post-its before getting to the front of the line. After waiting on line forever, they made a special Kooba line (no jeans) and I finally checked out at 12:00!!! Basically, we all ended up just pointing to bags we wanted as they came out of the boxes. One of the most disorganized sales (at least for the bags) that I ever encountered.

    That said, here are the prices:
    Sienna - 225
    Scarlet - 125
    Maarcelle - 200
    Nisha - 150
    Claudia 200
    Natalia 150
    Sadie 150
    Tatum 125
    Kendal 150
    Ginger 250
    Chiara 125
    Claudia 200
    Taylor 125
    Frankie 150

    Sorry if I got some of the names wrong, it was difficult to hear my own message over the noise! I picked up 2 Nisha bags in black and lavender and a Moss Marcelle. Yummy! I just need a drink right now to recover....
  8. Ackkk!!! Siennas were $225?!?!?!?!? :blink: :blink: :blink: I soooooo wish I lived in NY!!!!
  9. I'm so envious of you NYC ladies! I want a Cream Scarlett so bad! Kooba has their fall bags on their website, and they don't have Scarlett (they do have Siennas), which makes me wonder if the style is being discontinued.

    Does anyone know if you can place sample sale orders by phone, or if there is a current promotional code for Kooba's website?
  10. totally chaotic! Had everything in green - totally not worth it!
  11. Just a heads up, the sale has been extended on kooba/TR until next thursday!! Another week! And they restock, kooba in particular, throughout the sale. Kooba is being restocked almost daily I think, it reallly is hit or miss on what styles/colors they will have. I bought a frankie for 150 and a scarlett in cream for 125. I think they're expecting more shipments of kooba bags next week too. Some of them had REALLY nice leather. :smile: The sienna in olive had fab leather in particular.
  12. I went, I got 5 pairs. They had TONS of sizes and styles for $99, and a good selection of irregulars for $65. I am so glad to hear it's been held over -- I'm DEFINITELY going back for more!
  13. Wow too bad they are not taking on-line or phone orders :*( It would make things so mch easier. Nisha, Maya, Natalia, Sienna, Frankie. Love them all! I have to check to see if any of my friends in the big apple can stop by the sale. Those prices are too good!
  14. Aww! Too bad I'm not in NY! But I did score some very nice True Religion Cords one sale a Kitson!! They were only $72 =)
  15. i know top button (where the true religion sample sale is) usually accepts credit cards......but i just wanted to make sure this sale does before i leave work early to hit it up! someone let me know!:biggrin: