Kooba Sydney Shoulder Bag Only $208 @ NM

  1. This bag disappeared and appeared again in Lastcall Clearance section at least three or four times, which means customers keep returning them for some reasons (probably used items or missing dustbag?).
  2. I don't know where they're coming from but I got one last week and it's in perfect condition.

    I was afraid the color might be a little too light but it's nice.
  3. There should also be a Be&D Dietrich coming up soon. I returned one earlier in the month that I paid about $442 for (inc. tax) and it's yet to be credited to my account!! My son can't remember what date he dropped it of at the PO...somewhere between 12/6 and 12/15. It sat in his car w/o my knowing. Anyway, NM is just now up to 12/12 in processing their returns and mine wasn't in that batch. I later repurchased and kept the same bag when they had the additional 25% off. The reason for these bags showing up now is that NM concentrated solely on shipping orders prior to Christmas and now their focus is on the multitude of returns that have been sitting in their warehouse for weeks now.
  4. I too, returned a Gryson Tate on December 6, 2007. They processed my return on December 26 but it has yet to show up on my CC. Called CC company and they said it would take a few days to show up on statement.

  5. Wow! That's a loooong time! It makes me a 'nervous Nellie' when I have to wait that long w/o even knowing that they received it back at their warehouse. Oh well, I guess that's the price I pay for returning something over the holiday. Hopefully, my credit will show up in the next week or so.