Kooba Sydney Questions

  1. Hi-

    I'm new to Kooba & have a few questions about the Sydney bag. I did a search & the old threads about the Sydney answered some of my questions, but I do have a couple more.

    -How old is it?
    -How many sizes did it come in?

    I was browsing eBay when I came across it in a camel color. I think black would be pretty & I saw one posted here. Was this a popular bag? I see from some of the previous posts that some people weren't crazy about it b/c of all the pockets. I guess I'm just wondering if I decide I want to seriously pursue is it going to be hard to come by.

    Thanks in advance. I know very little about Kooba, but I do love the look of their bags.
  2. I believe the Sydney was originally from the 2006 collection, although it could be Spring 2007, since the only ones I've seen have the brown canvas interior and dust bag, which debuted in Fall 2007. It comes in cream, camel, black, I think. Other members who are more familiar with it may know of more colors and a more accurate debut date. There is a smaller version, the Keira. I like the Sydney because of the side pockets. Great places for putting keys and cell phone, so you don't have to dig down inside the bag for them. It's also not a really big or heavy bag.
  3. Oops ... smaller version of the Sydney is the Holly, not the Keira (which is smaller version of Annie).
  4. Only one size that I am aware of. I had it but sold it for it's "largeness". It's not huge but it is larger than what I need ....and the eternal..."Guess which pocket my keys are in" had be boggled. There is a gazillion pockets on that bag. They should have stamped them A...B ...C so we could find out stuff...LOL It is a really nice bag though. Didn't they have a white or ivory too?
  5. I believe I saw white online somewhere when I did a google search. The only thing that kind of holds me back is that I don't carry a huge amount of stuff, & although I like the pockets, I don't want the inside part to me practically empty. But the zipper flap looks really appeals to me & I love any bag that has a pocket for me cell phone! :tup:
  6. It did come in ivory too, and the camel color which they call "wheat". I thought it was a nice bag but rather large, like Lexie said.