Kooba Sydney Question for Lexie!

  1. Hi Lexie,
    I've dug around through the old threads and came up with some photos of your black Sydney bag. I've always thought this was a fun/interesting bag and am considering it, but I thought I better check with you to see why you sold yours.

    I've thought that I might not like having to flip open the flap top of the purse to dig around inside it. Was that an issue for you?

    Many thanks for your help! :smile:
  2. The Top didn't bother me terribly. The Bag was really a beauty and overlooked by alot of Kooba lovers. Alot of people didn't like it's looks when it first came out. It is so functional! 8 outer pockets! But the inside section was huge to me. My stuff was just sort of floating around in there. It's a bag with a big depth. But if you like large bags and lot for pockets this bag is for you. The only problem was keeping straight in which pocket I put stuff. So I hung a little keychain on the side I put my keys and cell. I only used it one day. My stuff was sloshing inside of it...LOL
  3. Thanks Lexie! That's very helpful. I'll probably pass on it too. I don't think I need such a big bag, though I'm intrigued by it. I also think having to flip the flap over everytime I want to get into it would end up bugging me over time.
  4. I generally don't like the big flap overs either. That's why I stayed away from the Meredith. I love the looks but a bag has to be completely functional for me to love it. I imagine standing in line at the store, trying to keep that flap open while I get out my wallet. That's why generally I like zip tops.