Kooba Sydney...Do we love it?

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  1. I think this is a pretty cool looking bag. It's a little different for a Kooba and the leather looks really nice. But the color options...Wheat or Cream don't appeal to me at all. I'd be slobbering all over that in a deep brown or black color.
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  2. I really like it and I am not usually a huge Kooba fan - agree about the colours though, wish they were better.
  3. hmmm... not for me :P
  4. Ah, it's alright...There's an awful lot going on there in the front. The color does not add much either. I think that I'll pass on this one.
  5. It looks like an Andrey sitting on top of another bag...I think it's a little too many details....
  6. I think I love those front pockets so much it makes me not see that the top of that bag doesn't seem right for the rest of it. It does look like an Audrey is attached to it! LOL
  7. No...the top of the bag looks like a saggy ass.
  8. SAGGY ASS!! No one can say it better!
    LOL! :roflmfao:
  9. Does nothing for me, I'm afraid...
  10. I'm sorry, I am not making fun of the bag but...that made me laugh out loud:roflmfao: ...as for the bag...the colours don't work for me either.
  11. I agree. I think I'm over Kooba bags as well. Botkier is where its at (but not for the rest of this year, no more bags).
  12. Saggy Ass! LOLOL
    Yes, that about sums it up. Now Kooba is on equal footing with Botkier for making the Bianca, the bag famous for their saggy boobs.
    Saggy or not I still love those bottom zip pockets.
  13. nay for me!
  14. Hey, Lexie....it's a great looking bag, personally, but like the one in your avatar.........still loving that one!!!!!!:drool: