Kooba Sydney...Better than Expected

  1. I put off getting this bag because at first I just thought it was odd. But the more I looked at it the more I liked it. It really is an awesome bag. Big but lightweight. 8 outer Pockets (pockets within pockets that are really functional). I'm glad I took the chance. Got it from a reputable eBay seller for 410. What do you think? I know it's not for everyone but I wanted to give you an up close look at the features.




  2. Way cute. Definately on my want list.
  3. I was just looking at the Kooba site last night and thought that looked like a great bag. Congrats!
  4. Congratulations on the new bag! The most important thing is that you love it, :smile:
  5. I really love the clutch version of that bag, very cute!!
  6. Oooh... I like it too. I definitely like the zip pockets and the new lining color. Can't really tell from the pic, but it still is the good ole Kooba suede, right?
  7. congrats.. glad you love it!
  8. I think that it looks better in your pics than on the website. I had no idea that there were that many handy pockets. I'm glad that you're happy with your new Kooba addition!
  9. KoobaLover...no, this was a shocker. No more Ultra suede. It's a brown thick cotton. But I am a-ok with that because I was never fond of the suede lining. It was too loose and unattached. This is more anchored. I'd be happy if they got rid of the suede lining altogether.
  10. I haven't seen many Kooba bags that I haven't loved and that sounds like a great price so ENJOY!!
    I like the dark inside lining, a nice change from the lavendar my two Koobas have...
  11. It's a Kooba cutie!
  12. i love it - i'm a huge fan of bags with many pockets!
  13. Thanks Lexie! I am excited to see a new Kooba in person to check out the new lining... Anchored cotton definitely seems the more practical of the two, though I'll miss the suede a little!
  14. The pockets I think are it's biggest assets. One for keys, one for cell, One for lipsticks and balms, and one for mints and gum. Then in the secondary pockets I have extra change, sugar free drink packets, a small packet of tissues. Then this leave sthe center region free for all the big stuff. A definitely a very functional bag if you like organization. And these are just the outer pockets. The inner zip I use for hygiene type products.