Kooba Surprise Sale Starts This Tuesday!

  1. 1,000 Kooba bags

    February 13, 2007 (for 4 days only with 2 late nights)

    10am - 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday
    10am - 6pm for the remaining 2 days

    Location: 261 West 36th Street, 2nd Floor
    New York, New York

    Take my advice, GO EARLY for the best selection -- heck, go early so you can get in, get what you want and get out because there will be a lot of waiting. Enjoy!
  2. You lucky New York gals! I'm down here in Florida (yeh, it's warmer but ..) and sadly, we don't have those kind of sales down here. Dang it! I would love to add another Kooba to my bag family. Happy shopping, you all.
  3. Don't feel bad. Even in NY, I can't get there during those times. But I may be able to ask a friend, who's in the area, to go for me.
  4. Point of reference - I was told that the reason this is a "surprise" sale is because they have extra merchandise (undesired colors and styles) that they want to get off their hands. They always have one in June with newer styles and colors. I'm waiting till then.

    Let me know if anyone goes if this is the way it is :smile:
  5. ^ I was just about to ask about that. Why call it a surprise sale if it's not a surprise?
  6. Trying to decide if it's worth going.
    Kooba can be found all over now so it's not too difficult to get a good sale.

    Any idea how much the bags will be discounted? If it's amazing discounts it might be worth it for my 2 teenage daughters.
  7. Hi
    I was wondering the same thing as lovemybags2. Do you know how much the bags will be. Do you think they will have any siennas. I am tempted to ask my boyfriends brother who lives in nyc to go for me but I dont want to ask if there arent going to be any bags I would want
  8. Hey ladies, well i went to the last kooba sample sale at that same location, and i cant tell you how much every one was, but i bought the ADA and Ginger both leather, and the ADA was $195 the Ginger was $225. as far as i know $225 was the highest price for bags there so it was a pretty great steal!!!

    BUT i will say there were lines that sucked a lot, and it also sucked because all the crazy eBay buyers got there and waiting all day and then stood inside the gated bag area and bought up 7-10 bags each of all the desirable stuff and so it was VERY VERY hard to get anything good, and it was really annoying!! I think they def. shouldnt have been allowed to stand there and get all the good stuff, and then wait for more boxes of good stuff to come and snatch those up too, which the rest of us stood right outside that area watching everything disappear and then were let in after they had wiped out the sale!!! :smile: BUT i was able to get what i was looking for so it sucked a lot but worked out iin the end.

    WHAT I DO KNOW!!! about this sale is that they are going to limit the # of bags ppl are allowed to buy (i emailed the people who run the sale at that location, and this was what i was told)
    so that this cant happen again !

    I am going to try and go, because they tend to get a few shipments in the week, and so i cant go the 1st day until late, so there isnt a point in going because all will be gone, but i am going to go i think early AM the 2nd or 3rd day just to see what they have

    The only thing i really want is a gold colored ginger, or carla so if i dont find those Cest La Vie i am very very happy with my kooba ginger, and actually wound up trading the ADA for a burberry and some xtra cash as it turned out to be too big for me

    But i will stop blabbing now :smile: and leave it at that

    maybe ill see some of you there! :smile: Bess
  9. I'm all "Kooba'ed" out for this year- I had to make 3 trips for the June '05 one (my first one) to get what I want. In the November sale, I got there the first day, was the 15th (about) on line and got exactly what I wanted. The only thing I'd want to get is the Beige/Camel colored Paige or the Ebano or Java Jessie (cuz I love my Rose one so much!) and a Jillian in Black.

    I promised my credit card I would abuse it less this year ;)
  10. Oh. You New Yorkers are soooo lucky! Happy shopping!
  11. <Sitting in Texas rolling in envy>
  12. Okay, so i went to the Sample sale this morning.

    first of all, there was virtually no wait. Now, that is not saying there wasn't any waiting. In comparison to the last sale though it was great. There was no long line snaking out of the building and spilling onto the street, 4 doors away. This time I walked right up to coat check and took a relaxing stroll into the gated purse area where there was a line but it was a manageable line. I would say I waited for about 15 to 20 min...

    Now on to the purses...

    for $195

    Ada in black, honey-ish brown and in that rough cowhide leather. really cute but straps to short for me. and also in woven.

    Sienna in embossed auburn brown (i picked that one up)..even though I wanted black.

    Jessie in black, plum and honey brown (don't know what its called)

    Braeden in woven leather, brown and I think black.

    Claudia in a teal


    Ginger in black (actually REALLY cute) and brown (i think)

    Carla in gold of course, white and black.

    Brynne in auburn
    Annie in auburn
    Kiera in auburn

    there may have been other colors for the Brynne, Annie and Kiera, but I really paid no attention at all to those bags. They remind me of corseted underwear.

    Also they had bunches of really cute belts for $20.
  13. wow say this well thanks sososo much for the report i went to the last one too and the lines sucked and there was no stuff there! I may go the only one i really want is the Carla in gold but i wont die if i dont get it,,, maybe ill try to go tonite or tomorrow?

    i wonder if there is a lot left by this evening, i cant go till like 6 or tomorrow morn,,, o well! ;) thanks so much
  14. there was stacks upon stacks of boxes that they were still opening....

    I think you should be safe going later! Good luck! post if they have a black Sienna...I still have my hopes up!
  15. i will totally let you know!