Kooba subforum pretty please??

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  1. These American designers seem to have a similar base of very loyal fans (and a similar price point), I think a subforum combining all three and possibly one more would generate plenty of interest and posts.... :yes:
  2. Vlad and Megs, I'd love if you started a forum about Anna Corina, Gustto, Botiker, Kooba, Bulga and Goldenbleu. I feel as if these bags have a tendency to get overlooked. (I'd volunteer to be a Mod too.) Thanks so much for setting up such a wonderful space!!
  3. I know it's not as popular, but I would loooove to see a Kooba subforum....I feel like all the threads on Kooba are being swallowed up by TOKIDOKI at the handbags and purses subforum..LOL...
    If Kooba is a no, I do believe the tokidoki girls should have a place to call their own too....

    Thanks for all your efforts, I love this place!!

  4. I agree and it is so funny you posted this today as I just asked for the same thing. Maybe, even though us Kooba fanatics aren't as plentiful as some, a subforum could be arranged. Possibly even a combo Kooba/Gustto/Botkier? Would be very cool, a place to call home. :biggrin:
  5. We want our Kooba forum!
    We want our Kooba forum!
    We want our Kooba forum!

    ok...I have had enough caffeine for the day, yup.
  6. Ditto!!
  7. Sometimes I feel guilty about posting yet another Kooba thread because I feel I'm trying to hog up the board with Kooba threads.

    I know not everyone likes Kooba and may be tired of hearing about it. I know there are quite a few of us who are....um....obsessed.

    Do we qualify for a sub forum? I don't care either way. I just hate to make anyone angry with all of my Kooba ravings. Does anyone else have my same concerns?
  8. ITA... There are so many Kooba threads in this part of the forum. It would make it easier for the non-Koobs to browse. :smile:
  9. I felt the same way trying to wade through the Tokidoki posts, it was like wading through thick mud. They finally diverted them to their own forum and I am sure they are tickled pink.

    Tickle away.
  10. I'd love to see a Kooba sub forum. It'd make the Kooba threads easier for me to find. They're always the first place I visit when I come here.

  11. Yup, a couple of us have already begged for this. I hope the mods grant it, pretty please? :flowers:
  12. Yes, a Kooba sub forum would definitely be appropriate. Just like the post above, Tokidoki warranted one, and I think we Kooba lovers should have one too. I'd probably pitch my tent in there and hang out forever.........
  13. *bribes the mods with Godiva Chocolates*
  14. ME TOO! If they are worried about how many people would take interest maybe we should post a poll? No?
  15. yup, this is definitely a good idea...

    i'm guilty of just starting yet another kooba thread...:s
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