Kooba Straw and Leather "Rose" at Neiman Marcus

  1. *bump*

    anyone seen this or have any info?

    My order status on NM is now "DELAYED" without a date. :sad:
  2. For anyone else interested in news on this bag, I just got a call from NM CS that the bag is further delayed!
  3. um, awesome news for those of you who love the Kooba Rose Tote...I just heard from one of my friends in the fashion biz that Kooba will be doing a giveaway on Handbago.com soon...she couldn't give me a specific date but I'll keep ya'll posted.
  4. Yes, I saw the Kooba Rose Tote and I love it!! I got it in Silver too! It's perfect for the beach and to just carry around for the weekends. Great find!
  5. I just bought one from Endless! They are 20% off. Haven't seen it yet... but am excited!
  6. Hi renee,

    I saw the rose tote, its so cute! It would be great for the beach or just to carry around for an everyday bag!