Kooba Smooth & Pebbled

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  1. I got my Kooba Sienna in the Fall 2006 heavy Pebbled leather. And while I love it, and am glad I got it, I am also glad I have my Sienna & Scarlett in Smooth Leather too. This is much more rugged looking and a bit stiffer. I have the Frankie in the same color too. It's amazing how the same bag in a different leather can look so different.


  2. Oh, Lexie...They are all beautiful bags! All of my Koobas are in the smooth leather but seeing your pics makes me want to add a pebbled one to the family. Lovely collection!
  3. I love the pebbled look! Looks like it is fun to carry!!
  4. I have to say Lex, not digging the pebbled leather. Don't know why!
    It just doesn't appeal. My GOD I love your metallic Scarlett though.
    That is just gorgeous! :drool:
  5. Wonder if they'll make the Sienna's in a smooth leather again, still upset that I never got the cognac one...:sad:
  6. It's weird. I like the pebbled look and at times don't. But I figured the heavy pebbling was just this Fall line and if I didn't get one, I'd never find it later. They have smooth Siennas out there Maggie. I actually saw them have the Metallic Army (which they call something else now) out. I love the Bourbon color so I really wanted the Sienna in that but all in all I can't get enough of my Sienna and Scarlett in Metallic Army.

    OK Maggie, you are right. I just looked but saw nothing anywhere. I know I saw them a few months ago somewhere. Here's one on Ebay. It looks good if not a little worn. But I don't know the seller although they look Ok.

    eBay: Fab KOOBA nutmeg SIENNA cognac LEATHER bag AUTHENTIC (item 110059338858 end time Dec-04-06 08:00:00 PST)

    Kooba.com has a Cream/Ivory and a Black one in smooth.
  7. Thanks for looking, Lexie:smile:, you must have found that on your American site, I didn't see it, but doesn't it confuse you when they state the colour is nutmeg cognac, as this is two different shades the Sienna came in..?

    As you know, I already have the Sienna in Ivory and I love that bag, but it's so darn impractical...Anyway, you enjoy your new Sienna, that's going to be a great bag:yahoo:
  8. Gorgeous bags! Congrats! I have the Sienna in espresso and she's got the same thick distressed leather - heavenly!