Kooba Sloane

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  1. Just curious if anyone on the board has this bag, and how they like it. It is really catching my eye lately. bags for work. I[​IMG] will try to post a pic:
  2. Sorry the above post came out looking garbled when I posted the pic! I love tote-type bags for work and I thought this was really pretty. Curious if anyone else has it and what they like or dislike about it!
  3. I like it... especially the color. I haven't seen it. Where did you find it?
  4. I saw it on the bergdorf website, but it may be sold other places too. I like the style.
  5. Love the color!!
    I've seen Lexie(Kooba Queen) talk about this bag...I bet she can give you lots of info when she reads this thread!

    PS- dislikes?? what's there to dislike about any Kooba? LOL...
  6. I like the looks of it - not sure how heavy or comfy it is but it's beautiful.
  7. Of all the Koobas I see at Saks or Nordstrom, I never see a Sloane in the store, not sure why.

    I adore that blue/grey color and would love to see it in person. I do wonder about the weight and functionality of the bag and hopes a Sloane owner writes and tells us the scoop.
  8. Not I. I've never seen a Sloane or have been attracted to it. It seems like a larger Lena, which is a nice bag but wasn't for me.
    Beuatiful color though.
  9. I've had my eye on this bag since it came out..It's lovely!:heart: I've never seen it in this color though..It's GORGEOUS!:yes:
  10. The size would be very practical for me: I love a large tote type of bag for work. I'm hoping it'll come out in this color on Active Endeavors or someplace like that soon where I might be able to get a coupon code.
  11. I just ordered the Kooba Sloane in Honey from Revolve Clothing-it's on sale for $330! I can't wait to get it, a couple of extra days for me in Canada though. There are a few other cute Kooba's on sale too you should check it out!:yahoo:
  12. I really like the shape of this bag. I've been going backand forth on this or the Avery... in black. sigh. I just can't make up my mind.
  13. I just got this bag as well. I think it's a lovely bag, the color is neutral, perfect for an everyday bag. I haven't loaded it up yet, but while it's a large bag, the weight, unloaded, is decent. I would say that this is a great bag for work, as a shopper, or just for fun.