Kooba Sloane Tote In Slate $361 & Miu Miu Leather Satchel $647@ BG! Hurry!

  1. aww the miu miu is gone
  2. ahh, too bad I already bought my dream grey bag.
    I love the Kooba slate color but fear its discoloration record. >:sad:
  3. The funny thing about it if you look at the picture it already looks like it's starting to do the tanish thing!

  4. What is the problem with its discoloration record????
  5. Several people with Kooba's in the color slate have had discoloration problems. You can check the Kooba thread for more info. Personally, I wouldn't buy a slate colored Kooba.
  6. It's gone! Thanks for the post!
  7. Which bag is your grey dream bag?
  8. If Kooba can correct the Slate issue or another brand creates an equivalent shade, I'll be well chuffed. MJ's mouse grey is my favorite grey at the moment...if only it were a cooler tone...like my bag! ;)