Kooba Sloane or Lena??

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  1. hey guys!
    I'm shopping for a bag right now and am deciding between the Kooba Sloane and the Lena. Which do you think is nicer? Also, does anyone own either in bark? Is the color pretty dark or lighter like tan? Bags often turn out to be alot different than the pictures online. For people who have the Sloane, is it heavy? And does it sit comfortably on your shoulder?
  2. Funny, but I never hear of anyone owning Sloane or Lena. I was considering one of them in the new Slate color, that blue/grey.

    I saw the Lena in Nordstroms and felt it was a great medium/large bag, and yes, it was heavy for a bag that size but I expect that in Koobas. It sat on my shoulder just fine. I have not seen the bark, only the Slate, which was great.
  3. I have the Lena in black. It's a great everyday bag, but very heavy and I don't think the handles are all that comfortable. Still, looks really great with jeans and I do like it.

    Never seen any of them in the Bark colour, but as the Honey is more of a tan colour, I think the Bark is pretty much a dark brown
  4. I had a Lena in bark. It's an attractive bag...at first. But the straps were not comfortable on your shoulder. I didn't mind the weight, because I'm used to larger bags but another thing I didn't like were the side pockets. They were really funky to get in and out of. The criss crossing straps over them made them very weird.
    Sorry, these 2 bags have never been favorites of mine. I never owned a Sloane since it was so similar in style.

    Is this your first Kooba? I know everyone has their personal taste and maybe these bags really appeal to you. In that case....go for it! If I was giving advice though, I'd look over all of Koobas selections first to see if any other styles appeal to you.
  5. I would pick the Lena if I was picking out of those two.
  6. I had the same problem deciding between the Sloane and Lena. I think they're so similar in design. I bought the Lena in honey. I do love it but like others are saying it's a bit heavy and the straps don't stay on your shoulders well unless you put underneath the other.

    I really love my Lena. It's what started me on my current Kooba obsession. I think it's a great bag for casual wear. It has a great presence.

    Right now I'm carrying my Paige and I'm happier with it every day. It's so easy to use. It's lighter weight than the Lena even though it's slightly larger in size and it's SO easy to get in and out of. When the bag is open you can literally see everything inside. I love that!

    My vote's for the Lena, but I think you'll be happy with either one.
  7. Lexie - I agree about those side pockets. I don't even try to use them. They must be more decorative than practical. The only thing I can put in them without great difficulty is a business card or credit card, and I don't want to carry my credit cards around on the outside of my purse.
  8. hey guys, thanks for the comments. I just ordered the Sloane in Bark so hopefully it won't be too heavy. Also they're having a sale at jcmadison.com so check it, there are some koobas and other nice bags on sale :smile: