Kooba Sloane or Kooba Nicole?

  1. I want to get a second Kooba (I have the Meredith in slate, which I love) and am torn between the Sloane and the Nicole. I love the looks of Nicole, but the Sloane is really marked down right now. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with either bag? Thank you so much -- I have just started to read this forum and you all are so helpful!
  2. I have a black Sloane and just love it. It's a great size. I had a Nicole but the front zippers always seemed to want to hang up on the leather seam just on the inside of the pockets. So, it's now history. I'd pick the Sloane - being on sale really helps too.
  3. I too have the black sloane and love it. It's a great bag, very practical and nice-looking, and gathered me some compliments from strangers!
  4. I would take the Sloane, I am not one that likes the flap over the top. I like easy access. I have always wanted to get the Sloane in the bark color. I wonder where they came up with that name Sloane?
  5. The Sloane is beautiful!

    Sweet sweet Nunnla - is there a Kooba you don't have??? ((hugs))
  6. There are lots I don't have. Some I've had and decided weren't for me so sold them. I'm the fickle buy it, try it, sell it girl. Should have raisin Sienna soon.