kooba sloane- estimate weight in pounds?

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  1. hii, i'm rather new to tpf but i recently purchased a kooba sloane in bark online and it's on it's way. i did a search to see if anybody actually tried weighing the sloane to see if it's truly very very heavy to carry. nothing came up and i was wondering if you can help me. perhaps, you own a sloane? or you know people who do? please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it! thank you in advance!

    catherine :smile:
  2. Hi, Catherine. I haven't personally weighed it, but have fondled one at Saks, I think it is a pretty substantial bag, and I would estimate that it weighs close to 3 pounds.
  3. It does weigh a bit but it fits really comfortably under your arm, I have it in Honey and I love it!
  4. thanks for the input everyone! that was really nice :smile: i just received the bag today and it's great...but i'm having doubts about it because it's so similar in color and size with my other bags. i think i will have to sell it but i don't want to do eBay and i'm not of status to sell on purse forum..oh boy