Kooba Sloane Backpack??

  1. I ran across this auction just now for a Kooba Sloane in bark. The seller has indicated a...unique....way to carry this bag that I've never seen, nor do I think I would do so myself. Neither do I think it was meant to be carried this way and I'd worry about the wear among other things (like getting the belts back the way they originally were), but hey - to each their own, right?

  2. Who wooda thunk? Ummm, that's just not right. At least for me..........
  3. Interesting... I'll pass on the idea though!
  4. Well, that's a new one...

    So she just tucked the handles into the bag (not keen on that idea..)

    If you want a backpack get a proper backpack, you can't even see the darned thing sitting on your back (and admiring the bag is part of the pleasure, no?)
  5. Don't like it. Plus, someone could just walk righ up behind you and reach in!
    (Don't like the backpack look!)
  6. I think the seller was trying a new approach....which I so would not have taken. With the straps undone it looks totally awkward and obvious it's not meant to be worn that way and then it another picture you can TELL the straps weren't redone correctly and the bag looks just...wrong.

    I'm assuming the bidder either recognizes the bag and is fine with having redo the straps correctly or....really thinks it can be worn that way. :confused1: