Kooba Sloan Sold Out At Saks!!

  1. A couple of hours ago, I saw that Saks had the Kooba Sloan on sale for $270.54.....Oh My God!!! I so want that bag! It was sold out, but I called their CS # and was told that it was available at a certain NJ store. I called it, but NO Luck!! Based on your experience, if I keep checking the site is it possible that it may become available again? I have noticed that on NM the availability of styles/colors and the prices have been changing all day today!!

  2. Keep checking, since people have tendency to place them in their shopping cart. Anything in the carts not purchased as of 12am, will be released.

  3. I did the same wishfull thinking when they sold out of the large black botkier bianca they had on sale. no luck. saks stock doesnt flux as much as nm and nm and bg's stock flux because they are quick to post returns. so you could see a sale bag that sold out but someone returned show up later, but its hit or miss. i have never seen a sale bag that sold old re-appear at saks, but you never know....
  4. Thanks DC-Cutie!! This is all new to me so I am still learning. So, if I understand you correctly.....I can put an item in my shopping bag and leave it there all day while I think about it? Not saying, of course, that I would do that.....but...!!!!! Looks like I will not go to bed AGAIN tonight until the wee hours.
  5. Sometimes they repost an item, but it would be sold out. Not to mention that they leave sold out items up for days making me think they've got it and I keep checking over and over. Wish they would take things down from the site as soon they're sold out.
  6. pinkmascara.com has the kooba sloane in bark for $516. not quite as cheap as saks, but still less than the usual which is more than $600. i don't know their return policy, though.

    Shopbop.com has the sloane lena in honey for a good price, too.
  7. I shop alot on Saks.com. From my experience when you put something in your shopping cart, unless you actually check out and pay for the item you are not guaranteed the item. I have been burned on clearance items previously. I put something into my shopping cart, came back a few hours later and it was gone and sold out. If you do not want something to slip away, best to go through the checkout process. :yahoo:
  8. ^^^^
    same has happened to me.
  9. i've seen it happen. hope you get it!