Kooba Slate color...Can you believe this....

  1. I would have never believed that bag was once Slate. I actually thought the seller made a mistake and it was bark until I saw the pics of the inner bag showing slate colored leather. I knew sun was bad but like this???
    Maggie Vasolines a Bag and baked it and it came out beautiful. Maybe this one took a trip to "Sunset Tan"...LOL

  2. Perhaps we should all do what Bessie did and coat it like crazy with Wilsons. I remember her saying her bag is still that beautiful Slate color.
  3. I don't even get how a bag could get that much sun exposure, unless it was used as a beach bag or something. My, that interior shot is such a difference in color from the outside.
  4. :wtf:

    Whoa... I would also like to know how that happens. I can hardly believe that is a slate colored bag.
  5. That's nuts!!!!! I would not believe it to be true, except for that picture where the strap shows how it was the "old" slate color on the tip. How horrible.
    Hey - there's a new thread saying that they're Slate bag is changing color!
    Maybe there's some factory defect or something? I've never heard of such a thing....
  6. That is pretty bad. I wonder how many bags have been taken back and how many complaints Kooba has had.
  7. wow....that really sux! I hate seeing a gorgeous bag when the leather has turned or "messed up"!!!!!
  8. Oh my God! I just bought a slate Lena on eBay last week and I have the same problem! The seller posted that there was a slight "barely noticeable discoloration". Well I saw a picture and saw this splotch in the lower right on one side and asked her if it was the flash or if that was the discoloration - she said it was the flash- and when I got it there is this pinkish 2"x2" faded spot that looks kind of obvious to me, but then I am quite picky. Anyway the whole bag seem as if there is something kind of weird about the color!:cursing:
  9. I've been on a hunt for a slate kooba, so when I saw this auction last week, I thought I hit the jackpot - until I saw the pictures. I couldn't believe it! I was convinced the bag must have been mismarked slate by kooba....how could that change so dramatically? Makes me rethink my slate desires...
  10. I just received my Nina in Slate from eBay- I am guessing it was from a clearance/sample sale. The bag was not used although it was a floor model-and it has definitely changed color just from being on display! Here are some pics that I took outside for the best light-I am still debating whether or not to sell or keep it-it really is a neat bag and the perfect size. Look closely at the pic with the flap open and you can really see a difference. It almost has a brown tint to the grey color now.
    IMGA0875.JPG IMGA0877.JPG
  11. Sorry to hijack, but WHAT is that bag in your siggie line? GOTTA KNOW! LOL
  12. Oooh now I am paranoid about my new Jessie bag. It's a tan color though. I do plan on treating it with Wilsons but I hope I dont have too much of a problem with it otherwise.
  13. I wouldn't worry so much about the Jessie. Never heard of color changes in this bag. Actually the Meredith/Nina thing is the 1st time I've ever sen this happen so drastically. I've never had color changes in any of my bags. I do kep them in a dark closet when not in use though.
  14. Man...I saw 2 Nina's on the Clearance table at Nordstroms. One in luggage that was horribly scratched up all over.....for 339.00 AND a slate Nina that is now an ugly Yellowish/tan/brown color. The also wanted 339.00! Open up the flap to see the beautiful grey/blue it originally was. This bag wasn't exposed to the sun. It was a Store bag and still had the original tags on it. Is it just exposure to air do you think????