Kooba Signature Lining??

  1. Hi - I saw a Kooba Sienna the other day that has a signature lining :wtf: -- has anyone else seen this? I have just started getting into Kooba and have only seen the suede lining....

  2. I saw one on eBay that had signature lining. The Kooba sig lining was in their older bags but I have never seen a Sienna in that lining. I have seen the sig, striped and floral lining but all in bags before 2005.
    Could it be from a sample sale?
    I'd also like to know if any of the new bags had anything other than suede. Oh, but my new Sydney bag is sporting a dark brown cotton lining and it's definately authentic. The Natasha also has the new brown lining. That's the first I've seen that differ from the suede.
  3. I have a Sienna that I bought in 2005 that has the signature lining -- brown cloth with Kooba in white. Definitely an authentic Kooba Sienna (and made in Italy).
  4. I have a Kooba Sienna from Saks, about 2 weeks ago, that has signature lining.
  5. Nope...my 4 bags all have the "suede" type lining in either purple or tan.
  6. That good info to know. I wonder if the bag from Saks is an older season's bag that was a return.
    It's sad that we have to wonder all of this stuff when all we want is an authentic Kooba. I saw one fake Kooba that was almost perfect in every way except the leather was a lesser quality and Kooba was printed on both sides of the inner zipper.
  7. I have a question about the lining, but not the signature lining. The descriptions of the Koobas on NM/BG say cloth lining. The same exact looking bags on eLUXURY, Revolve, etc. say suede lining. Has anyone purchased a Kooba from NM/BG? If so, was it really cloth? Thanks.
  8. hi...i purchased from n/m...suede lining...in the tan color the lining is a lilac color...hope this helps
  9. Thanks, songofthesea!
  10. The new ones have the faux suede lining but the very first ones were a signature lining (I think this is right?).
  11. I did see on the Saks website that the lining was faux suede, which just confused me more. I guess I'll have to visit a store some day and see them IRL before I decide. Thanks Kimmi!
  12. The standard lining for the last couple years was this faux suede. It's not real suede but rather a softer version. I've seen on several sites calling it "ultra suede". I'm not sure that means a whole lot except a fancy name for a fabric that has no real identity...LOL. It's very soft but I've never had a problem with durability. I can't say I love it (and I ADORE Koobas and have many many bags). I'd rather have a regular lining that is more tacked down. In Koobas you can pull the lining out of most bags. I guess it would make it easier to clean.
  13. ^ Thanks, Lexie2000. I think I'll wait until the Kales go on sale again. Those have real suede linings, and that's what I'm looking for right now.
  14. Not seen it. Mine (a Sarah) has lavender suede lining....

    There are two new Koobas at a little boutique near me, I could take a peek inside and let you know if they're using sig lining on newer bags.
  15. Ditto here...got mine last S/S.