Kooba Sightings

  1. Today I was reading First mag and they showed an Elisha bag as a must splurge for item.

    Then I was watching Million Dollar Listings on Bravo, I think it was, and one of the women who was looking at one of the Malibu properties was sporting a Bourbon Sienna.

    I just love seeing them and yelling out KOOBA BAG! LOL Do I need a life or what? :yes:
  2. Oh....Grace.....was that you I heard over here in Florida??? I just thought that was more thunder..........

  3. LOL-if you need a life, then so do I!;)

    My daughter (12) spied this one: US magazine pg 83 sports a beautiful black Jillian & proclaims to the world that these awesome bags are on sale at Neimans...(no wonder they're all gone now) Just looking at that pic makes me want another one badly!

  4. I saw the same thing in US weekly. It seems like Kooba is all over the place these days. I remember about two years ago when my friend got her Sienna, and I was like "what is Kooba?" Lol!
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. I wish I would see one here in Cincinnati. *sniff sniff

    All I ever see are Coach and fake LV. And I never see Gustto, Linea Pelle or even Tanos.

    I once had a gal come up to me, pointed out my Linea Pelle tote and asked...'is that the bag I saw on sale at Target?'

    The Cincinnati area has graduated from outdoor outhouses to indoor plumbing. Our houses have air conditioning and we aren't wearing poodle skirts anymore (as of last year). Why don't I see any nice bags on the ladies on the street??
  7. Wow! A big city like Cincinnati??? I'm shocked!:wtf: At least in Port Charlotte, we have "two-holer's" here. :roflmfao:
  8. Well, up here in Seattle, all I see is Coach, Coach, Coach and an occasional LV. Some are fake, lots are real. There are a couple Coach outlets around that seem to keep everyone from teens to grandmas well supplied. Only have ever seen one Kooba, and it was on a friend of mine!
  9. :wlae:I told a friend of mine that I had a Kooba, and she thought I said "tuba", and she asked me when I started taking lessons...........
  10. People often think I have a bag made in Cuba and they think it is spelled that way. No Koobas around here except mine. SalesRep will have to travel 4 hours to see a Kooba...LOL But I have enough to make up for all the missing ones in Cinci!
  11. :wtf:

    Compass Rose
    I told a friend of mine that I had a Kooba, and she thought I said "tuba", and she asked me when I started taking lessons...........

  12. I occasionally see one - usually it's a Sienna....and they're real...
    I don't frequent the malls, so I don't get to see all the fakes...the fake LVs have sort of died down...hard to tell...
    I see a TON of Fiores at my daughters' school - I know they're real....
    BUT NOT KOOBAS. What's up with that? Maybe over the hill in West LA. But I don't go there either. I sit here at the end of my cul de sac in my own little proud Kooba World.....;)
  13. Oh, that's just too funny!!! :roflmfao:
  14. Here in Alberta I don't see any nice bags except for the odd Coach-unless you go downtown Edmonton you might spot some of the girls at Holt's with nice bags but that's about it!! In my town it's mostly the Wal-Mart special-so sad!! I don't think anyone would even know what a Kooba is, hello there is such thing a internet shopping! Maybe some people haven't figured that out yet :shame:
  15. Good one, Rose. :roflmfao: