Kooba Sienna!

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  1. Just had to share my excitement - my husband and I went to the outlets in Wrentham, MA this morning and went to Saks' Off Fifth. I got an embossed Kooba Sienna (in brown) for half price!!!!

    I'm very excited as this is one of my first ventures into newer bag designers - so far, I only have Coach and one Cole Hann bag.

    I couldn't believe that Saks still had a decent selection of designer bags this close to Christmas! In case anyone is going or is interested, they had another Sienna in black and a few other Koobas, as well as Isabella Fiores, Mark Jacobs, Prada and some others!

    I don't have the ability to post pics, but will try to once we get back home (we're visiting relatives right now).

    Just excited and needed to share - hope everyone is having a nice Christmas Eve!
  2. Congrats!! The Sienna is fabulous - enjoy that beauty!
  3. congrats!!! your body must be filled with adrenaline when you finally hold this bag :yahoo:
  4. Woohoo....another Kooba Girl. Enjoy your new bag. I'm sure it will be the first of many more Koobas.
  5. Congrats!!! You'll love Kooba, the sienna's a great bag.
  6. Thanks everyone!

    seahorseinstripes - you called it! I'm sooo excited!
  7. The Sienna is a beautiful bag!!!!
  8. Join the crowd! I very much enjoy my Kooba Sienna in Moss!
  9. This is such a cheeky question from a woman who is barely on speaking terms with digital photography but. . . pictures? xx
  10. Karizmaboutique.com has this handbag[​IMG] on sale for $585 and then with the code "Toutie 50%" it is a further sale for $292.50.
    Just in case you are interested-it's code is good for sale on all handbags and clothing-but final sales with the 50% discount.:jammin:
  11. What a (Christmas) star! Thank you.
  12. Awesome!
  13. Enjoy that beautiful bag! Lucky girl!
  14. Thanks again everyone - you are all so nice! It's also great to see I'm not alone in loving this bag!

    ciatta - I'd love to see a pic of the moss color if you ever have time!

    Miss Sooky - I'll post pics once we're home (we're visiting relatives out of town until tomorrow, so I'll shoot to have some Wed. b/c we'll be driving all day tomorrow).

    JNH14 - that's the bag I got, except mine has an embossed flower print on it and it looks like it's a bit darker! But thanks for the head's up -I love karizma - I read about it here and now I peruse their site constantly! With the code, the bag is about 15 bucks cheaper than what I paid, but with shipping, it would work out the same, otherwise, I'd be all over that - perhaps someone here is interested!

    Well, thanks again everyone - I promise to post pics once I get home and settled!

    I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday - anyone get anything good?
  15. Congrats. =) Sienna/Scarlet is my favorite bag ever from Kooba.