Kooba Sienna

  1. DO you believe that the Kooba Sienna is still "in"? I don't want to buy the bag (I'm looking at the black pebbled one) if it won't be in style in like 6 months.

  2. I want to get a Sienna sometime. If you like it, then you should get one regardless if it's going to be out of style someday.
  3. I love mine (desert color) but will hibernate it for winter as it's more summery with my wardrobe. But I definitely intend to whip it out next year with no shame!
  4. In or out...who cares. It's a great sized comfortable bag. I carry bags that I like, not what others like. I bought a Sienna in Metallic army even tho I had a Scarlett in the same color. This way I have two sizes of the same bag. This is a bag I will have no problem carrying for years to come. I always tend to buy neutral colors that carrying through all seasons so I don't have to hibernate any during the Winter.
    Buy a bag you Love. The trends change so fast I will never be able to keep up. And truthfully only a handful of bags pass the test of time. If you worry about being in style, buy an LV, or a Birkin, a bag that has already been through the test.
  5. I think it's definitely still in. It's a classic shape without too many embellishments. The distressed/rough leather look is also definitely still current. I think you can wear that Sienna until it wears out!

    Lexie2000, I love the Kooba in your avatar! Where did you get it??
  6. Honey, the Kooba Sienna is an instant classic. The leather is divine, and the workmanship is wonderful! I own LV, Gucci, Escada, Marc Jacobs, and Michael Kors (not Kors, but his signature line) purses, and this is one of my top favorites for everday since it pretty much goes with everything you would wear casually.
    Buy with confidence, because you will LOVE the Sienna.
  7. My Avatar is my Kooba Jessie. I buy from a woman who has her own Boutique and orders directly from Kooba. She buys in large amounts and gets a discount. She has slackened up on her Kooba orders because she is unable to sell them on Ebay anymore (and get a decent price) because of the huge amount of fakes. Bidders buy the 100 dollar bag and pass up the 400+ bags. But I was lucky to get 2 Jessies (a Bourbon & Raisin) from her for 400 each. She now sells in her boutique and does private orders.
    This is a truly awesome bag. The Raisin is so pretty & Unique and the 4 outter pockets Rock! It's a bigger bag than it looks. It's 16 inches long. Here is the Active Endeavor site with the Jessie. I also posted pics of my Jessie on another thread somewhere.
    Active Endeavors | Shopping --- Kooba Jesse - Raisin
  8. Can you give me some sellers on ebay who sell authentic Kooba bags?

  9. I just saw a Kooba Lena on Eluxury and I think it's really cute. Anyone have one?
  10. I can recommend 2 sellers with total confidence. You don't have to question Authenticity at all. I have bought from both many times. They will answer all of your questions. Keep in mind they are authentic bags so they don't come cheap, but they are discounted by usually 100 bucks.
    Lori (Ebay User ID Upscaletrend)
    Ali (Ebay user ID Ali-Babe)
    Also Surf*Goddess is 100% authentic.
    To me, beyond these 3 names, buying Koobas on Ebay is a crapshoot.
  11. Thanks! I've been lusting after a few bags this year. They have some really nice ones out this season.
  12. thanks Lexie - will check them out! I am not that familiar with Kooba bags - not sure you can even buy them in the UK