Kooba Sienna


Oct 22, 2005
What's your opinion on the kooba sienna (in nutmeg)? Is it done already? I have a friend that wants to sell me hers because she is so hard up for money, and its a great price. But i feel like its kinda over...any opinions???kooba.JPG
I think it is a great bag - it holds a ton of stuff, and the outside pockets are very handy. I don't worry about a bag being "over" if I like it, and I won't buy a bag that is "hot" if I don't like it, so just ask yourself - is this a bag I like? Will it look good on me, with my clothes, and fit my lifestyle? Don't worry about "over" or "in", buy only what you love!
It's a beautiful bag. And if you can get your hands on a nutmeg one, do so...I think that was the color that sold out last Summer. (I wanted it in nutmeg so bad.:cry: :lol: I may still get the Cognac.)
I don't think the "craze" is over...it's a pretty classic-looking bag as far as bags of that style go. And, it's not an outrageous color, so I think there is a lot of life left. Besides, things are fashionable in cycles, so I'm sure at some point, people will be "crazed" about it again. And, if you really like it, who cares what other people think. I'm sure that you are way more fashionable than most people out there.
I don't have a solid opinion on the bag, but I do have a friend who has one in black. She says she never uses it because too many teenage girls are carrying them around these days. And she did mention that it was 'over'.
I really like the Kooba Sienna and don't care if it is over. I'm looking at getting one online that I found in cream. It came in white with gold stitching didn't it? Does anyone know if you can still get that combination?
I think that the color is called Cognac. I love the bag, but if you don't love it, you should pass and get something that you truely love. Of course, if it is a really really good deal....hmmmmm.