Kooba Sienna Shoulder Bag..help.

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  1. Can someone tell me if this bag is real or fake?

    395a_1.jpg 4f2c_1.jpg 4367_1.jpg
  2. i say it looks good to me, but its hard cause the zipper from the side is something you have to see to know off the bat if you can trust it cause the authentic kooba zippers are wider at the end then the beginning when you view them from the side

    so i might email her and ask for a pic of the zipper,,,

    i mean nothing jumps and screams not authentic,,,

    but def. wait and hear more opinions they will come :smile:

    THis is a bag people LOVE and look for a lot cause they dont want the embossed one! :smile:

    LExie will def know shes our kooba queen! :smile: im sure she will see tomorrow!!!

    sleep well! :smile: xo Bessie
    That is one horrid fake. So much is wrong with it.
    Regardless of what the zipper pull would look like this bag is one of the worst fakes I've seen.

    Kooba has either a smoother soft leather with some natural leather variations or a heavily pebbled leather put out this last season. Never uniform small pebbling (almost like a fabric pattern).
    The inner lining is the wrong color.
    The side tassles are laughable. Side tassles are thick and braided with 3 leather strips and then knotted. Not thin tassles like Balenciaga bags (BTW, Balenciaga tassles are very nice unlike these).
    Bag is not the correct shape.
    Shoulder straps too thin.
    And It has a Nylon zipper inside instead of metal like all latter Koobas do.

    Hope you didn't buy this Bethann.
  4. haha thank GOD i told her to wait for you!!!

    I had no idea i thought that they were either pebbled or smooth but i didnt know the smaller pebbles meant it wasnt authentic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and all those smaller details my GOD i never ever would have known that was the wrong color cause there are koobas lined in that color arent therE??

    wow lexie thank goodness for you

    she emailed me though i dont think she bid cause i told her to make sure she waited for you!!
  5. Please Bessie....never bid on a Kooba on eBay without checking with us first .....LOLOL
    You are a sweetheart but you gotta brush up on those Kooba skills:winkiss:
    And unless you are familiar with the bag itself, it may be hard to tell a fake one from a real one. Tassles are the dead giveaway on this one and not all Kooba have tassles. Even the tassles on a Marcelle differ from the tassles on a Sienna so you have to deal with them on an individual basis.
  6. haha i would never bid on a kooba without checking in

    thats why i told her to WAIT till you came along cause i knew you would know

    you are totally right i do need to brush up there are so many i havent seen in real life that its hard cause maybe ive only seen fakes of some items!!! :smile:

    I feel so bad i even wrote that it looked ok to me but i emailed her too and told her not to and to check out what you wrote

    i suck :cry: :shame:

    worst kooba lover ever!!!! SORRY BETH!!!
  7. OH Bessie STOP beating yourself up! You are trying to help and that's what counts. Let's just hope if she did bid, she could retract.
    There is alot more that would add to suspicion. I bet this bag is listed pretty cheaply. Not gonna find a Sienna less than 200 and even that is dirt cheap.

    Note: I just checked. That bag is listed for 75.00. Doesn't look like she bid. But there is a bid by a Beth person on a Sienna bag that ends in 9 hours. The bag has plastic wrapped handles so I hope that isn't her either.
  8. thanks,,:smile: i hope shes not mad @ me!!

    and yea $75 is cheap wow i didnt even notice the price yyikes!!

    uh oh plastic wrapped handles thats bad bad bad i hope she didnt!!!

    i said dont bid without asking lexie haha NEVER DO ANYTHING WITHOUT ASKING LEXIE!!!!!! :smile: HEHE
  9. i say fake. the straps look cheap.

  10. Oh....let's NOT even go there! I am so wrong about so much in life!
    Heck, I know how to tell a fake Kooba but I don't know how to pump my own gas! LOL

    No kiddin! I have a husband that spoils me rotten. He takes care of both cars, doing oil changes, filling up fluids, putting in gas. I was running around with Mom last week and almost panicked cause I was on 4th a tank and not knowing where the heck a full service station was! LOL Now that is sad!
  11. hehe aww thats a cute story! :smile: My friend from NJ doesnt know how to pump gas cause they dont have self service there!!!!

    Here in NYC they dont have FULL SERVICE haha so either you learn quick or break down every time haha

    but i dont konw how to do all that oil stuff!!! :smile: or change a tire

    OR IDENTIFY A KOOBA!!!!!!!!!

  12. I looked at this and thought; tassels look wrong (but I don't know if some people undo the tassels..), shape looks wrong, interior looks odd... but I'm reluctant to give advice unless I know exactly what I'm talking about...(and I probably need to brush up on my Kooba skills too, LOL) Glad it got cleared up and nobody bid on it:yes:

    LOL, Lexie, I'm a bit of the same when it comes to cars, (mind you, I know how to put petrol in..) I just drive the thing, what do I need to know how to change a tyre for, do I look like a flippin' mechanic? What if I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere? Well, that's what mobile phones and road assistance are for and so far I've never needed to do it...(I'm going to have a major dilemma coming up now for being so cocky..LOL)
  13. Erm thats not even a sienna! Its a bad scarlett copy. The Sienna has those vertical pieces of leather that go across the strap at the top AND bottom of the whipstitched piece. The one is the photo only has one piece at the top of each strap, like the Scarlett. If it was advertised as a 'Sienna' then thats definetly as fake as it not even the right design!
  14. Oh Maggie. I feel the same way. I don't need to know how to change a tire! That's what husband's are for...LOL And if by chance it should happen to me while driving alone??? I'd probably burst out crying....and hope some guy would come along to help me. Or some woman...Beggers can't be choosers.
  15. The side tassels....ewwwwww...dead give away. And that horrid leather....ewwww.

    On another note, I think husbands are not only to take care of the cars but be the 'bug killers' in the household.