Kooba Sienna & Scarlett Compared

  1. Good thing Hubby was home to help. Had to dash his hopes. I think he thought I was taking pics to sell them! LOL Hope this helps Michelle.




  2. Are those both in the metallic olive? Very nice.
  3. This is the first time I've seen the Sienna and Scarlett next to each other, great to be able to compare:smile:

    Lexie, never, never sell them!, I think they'll look great for years to come (and you love them, right?)
  4. Oh Lexie, thank you! They are really mirror images of the same bag, Big Sister and Little Sister.

    I think the Scarlett would be plenty big enough for me but the Sienna is not too big.

    I love both of them.

    You are a sweetie pie for doing that, thank you.
  5. Your hubby is so helpful! Is he a professional model? :p
  6. Yes, Hubby is my professional Kooba model. Here he is with my Nicole...


    And here with my Nina...


    He can't take a picture worth squat and as long as I don't show his face, he's fine with getting in touch with his feminine side...LOL

    Yes, I will agree. My Sienna & Scarlett Rock! Ciatta, they are called Metallic Army and are truly an awesome color. The pics make them appear a little more glitzy than they actually are.

    The Scarlett holds quite enough (about as much as a Maria) which is perfect. And if I want to tote a book and more crap, the Sienna does that. The Sienna is a perfect mid size bag. Doesn't look enormous but holds alot.
  7. ^There she goes again, dangling those Metallic Army's in front of me... LOL!

    Thanks for the comparrison pics, Lexie!
  8. very nice :smile:
  9. your DH really makes me lust after that nicole lol

    i do have to say that the size difference is kind of suprising. not BAD just a big jump in my opinion. the bonnie and the elisha are SO different!
  10. lovely of you to photograph them side by side for us to see. thanks lexie.

    hmm maybe i should start looking for a scarlett instead of a sienna now, the size might be more ideal for my needs, but think they're way harder to find now.
  11. I had the Scarlett in cream & it was stiff & squeeky-but those straps on yours don't look so stiff and unforgiving. I always wondered if I could have broken it in a bit. The size & fit was perfect, but I couldn't stand the stiffness of the straps.

    I'd love recommendations on what type or color would be the softer, squishier leather.
    Yours are a beautiful color, Lexie. We're all drooling.
  12. On both my bags the straps are super soft. This squeaking thing has me baffled because I've never had it happen. I had a pebbled Bourbon and it was very very stiff and unyeilding. No squeaks but it was just too hard. The embossed ones are stiff too. I don't know why they didn't use a soft leather on those. Maybe the embossing needs a thicker leather. You really gotta find the old style Siennas in the smooth leather. Like Mine, or the Olive one that was on Kooba that Judie got or a errant one you find by surprise on eBay. I don't know the year. I bought my Scarlett a little after Christmas 3 years ago so that was 2004 (I think). The metallic armies just came out and the Marcelle was pretty new too because I bought my Cognac Marcelle a few months later. All of them have the suede lining. Then for the longest time 100's of fakes were on eBay and the next time I could trust an auction was when the Heavy Pebbled ones and the Embossed ones came out last year. They just weren't the same though.
  13. I just was over on eBay looking at the Sienna's & frankly don't have a clue on who's selling a real one. If I'm considering a bid, I'll be sure to run it by you folks first!
  14. I'll tell ya, there's not much to choose from. There are alot of Embossed ones which I assume they are real just because I didn't think they fake them. I only see a few I'd consider and I think I took one of the obvious real ones by VIPFashions. Someone else has a Cognac for 425 and it's real. There is a bunch of questionable cheaper bags. I think there is a real Moss green with lightcolored whipstitching. It's very hard.