Kooba Sienna leather vs Elisha leather

  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum and I'm a Kooba newbie. I have been eyeing for elisha for about 6 months and I think I might get one soon.

    Last night I went to woodbury and went to off 5th, I found a Sienna. That was actually the first time I touch a Kooba. And I found it to be kinda hard and stiff. I was wondering if the elisha has the same kind of leather or it is softer (which I hope). and then I went to neiman outlet and found a couple of other styles Kooba bags (ginger, jillian and some others), they are more or less the same as the sienna. and I remember there was one I tried on that was quite heavy. Is the elisha pretty heavy too?

    So now I'm having doubts :sad:. I hope the Kooba experts here would be able to help me out :yes:

    Thank you!
  2. Hi Azumi..
    Kooba makes bags in all kinds of leathers and leather textures. Some are stiffer and some softer. The Sienna and Jillian are stiffer and thicker leathers. However the Elisha bag is very very soft. You can scrunch it in your hands. I happen to have all 3 of these bags and they all appeal to me even though the leathers are different. It just depend son what you like or want as far as leather.
  3. Thanks Lexie! I'm glad elisha is made from soft leather, now I just need to accumulate more $$$

    and, is elisha considered heavy? I guess since its soft, it wont be that heavy.
  4. No, the Elisha is one of the lighter Koobas. It can hold alot so if you fill it with bricks it'll be heavy...LOL...but it's very lightweight otherwise.
  5. lol i wont put bricks on my bag. I was just wondering because I tried on a Kooba (cant remember which style) last night and it was soo heavy even when its empty ...

    Thx for all the info Lexie ;)