Kooba sienna in light tan

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  1. I think this is nice for spring/summer.

  2. Oo:huh:O I like that one! Pretty color. The mags are all showing pretty neutral beiges and whites for s/s!
  3. I love it.:love:
  4. I like that one very much! I like the beige and white stitching on the strap!
  5. I like that alot.
  6. It's cute, but I still prefer the darker brown.. even if it is less spring-y. :lol:
  7. the cognac is nice too for spring.
  8. I second that.
  9. Wow! Color makes such a difference in how I like the bag! I love the bag in that color! I was in the minority I guess because I didn not care for the Kooba in the dark brown that everyone was showing. This color really rocks and makes the bag look great!

    What are the dimensions and price, anyone know?
  10. I really like it, what a perfect spring bag :smile:
  11. Neimans and Bergdorfs both have it listed online. Here's the description:

    • Sienna Style.
    • Camel leather with tonal whipstitched trim.
    • Antiqued brass hardware and studs.
    • Shoulder strap with rings.
    • Straps down body with studded keepers.
    • Open top; snap closure.
    • Side drawstring pockets with braided ties.
    • Metal feet protect base of bag.
    • Inside zip and two cell-phone pockets.
    • 9 1/2"H x 12 1/2"W x 7"D.
    • Imported.

    And the linkee: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod25890021&parentId=cat8420732&masterId=cat000226&index=8&cmCat=

    It's not such a huge bag. I've decided that I'm not going to get another Paddington, so I'm probably going to get this one for a nice spring weekend/casual bag.
  12. saw it in Neiman's the other day--great color and felt really good on the shoulder--almost bought it, but went with a Fiore instead (studmuffin in brown)
  13. I like it too Pseub! I hope you do get it. I love the leather on that bag.
  14. Very pretty color!!!!!!!:love:
  15. I just got the Kooba Sienna in Chestnut for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It's really soft and smells absolutely great! Lots of room - but not too big. I think it was $600 at Neiman's, so I expect the spring one is the same price.