Kooba Sienna in Cream....

  1. anyone know where I can find one of these at not top price? I checked eBay and the prices seem ridiculous, but maybe I just don't know what they are worth?!? I don't mind gently used just not trashed...which is all that seems to be on eBay. The brand new ones start at $225. Is this color discontinued now?

    Thanks for any help :nuts:
  2. The Sienna is discontinued and is no longer on the Kooba site, though NM had a few distressed bourbon and black ones up until a week or so ago. Occasionally, a few pop up on e-bay but you have to be oh-so careful as the Sienna was widely faked. In addition to black, espresso, raisin, bourbon, desert, cognac, etc, I believe it also came in cream (a bit yellow) and ivory (more white). The ones I see on e-bay tend to be ivory as I think those were more recent (but I could be wrong about that.) A truly authentic, brand-new Sienna is going to run closer to $400 even on e-bay.
  3. youngster, I don't think the Sienna flowered embossed was faked, if Twinklette wanted to broaden her search...
  4. Where would I be able to have eBay auctions authenticated??? I have no clue. Thanks girls!
  5. Twinklette....you need to go to the Kooba threads....there is a sticky there that will help you greatly!!
  6. Oh, yes, thank you Rose! I forgot about the flowered embossed ones. Those haven't apparently been faked and you can find those in the $250ish range I believe.